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Photo blunder

Hi, had a nice walk this morning, the weather is anything but ‘nice’ but if you keep moving it’s not too bad, it’s damp, grey and chilly in a damp way, so you have to keep moving, at least it’s not raining. I let Zak off the lead yesterday and he was just perfect, didn’t …

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A lively funeral

Colin was the husband of one of our Scottish Country Dancing group. He was a lovely, kind man a true gentleman. He and Mary had been married for 56 years they met in the Army when he was in the Medical corps and she a nurse during National Service. He contracted cancer a short seven …

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To-day and to-night

First to the kind bloggers who gave my paintings the thumbs up, many thanks, I do appreciate it, makes me feel a little bit better now. I made another batch of Welsh Cakes yesterday, to take to our quiz evening which is tonight, there are five of us, so surely we will get at least …

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Hi all, many thanks for your good wishes for my birthday, I’ve had a lovely day, with some super presents, My friend Sue gave me some ‘Ghost’ perfume, I hadn’t smelt it before, and I must say it is very nice, I do love perfume. We went to a local restaurant and had a nice …

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The Garden Centre

A few blogs back I mentioned that I lost a few shrubs to the hard frost we’d had, I was most saddened at the loss of a Firethorn that was maturing nicely.   However I decided to-day to go to the Garden centre to get a replacement. I pondered on whether to choose a Viburnum, Escallonia, …

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Ruby etc. part 2

Thanks for your feedback folks, much appreciated. I’ve attached pics of the kitchen after Martin had done the prepping, painted ceiling and such, hopefully the paper will be up tomorrow. Now to Ruby, I said yesterday it had started to rain, we also had thunder and lightening, She didn’t appear to be too worried, but …

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Ruby Etc.

Just a little update on Ruby. Her operation went well, I dropped her off at the vet at 8,30am and they phoned me 10.30 to say she had been done!, and to phone between 1 and 2 pm, I did and picked her up at 2.30. She was a bit dis-oriented but soon came back …

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It’s me again

  Creeping back hat in hand and looking suitably humble, I think I have been well and truly put right, and people do read and apparently enjoy my posts even if they don’t say so, so maybe I shouldn’t be so touchy, and just keep scribbling away and leave it at that, I thank all …

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To-day’s happenings

As I had posted earlier, i had a funeral to go to to-day. , Saying good-bye to an old friend, and on a lighter note, meeting up with others I hadn’t seen for some time. It was a nice service, as these things go. I got up 6.30 am as I wanted to take the …

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