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  1. Mags Corner

    What a nice idea to have a guestbook on your site. This is the only one I have seen like this on WP. Hugs

    • Thanks again Mags (I’m just catching up on mail) I didn’t think folks posted on GB any more since livespaces.but it’s nice. X

  2. Just dropping in to leave a ‘ hi there’ and a hope that you ‘n Ruby Tuesday are fighting fit. Arlene, .. Me?… Nope.. got a bug, and it’s been with me for about a week, so I think it likes me.. !!! πŸ˜‰ … Hoping all is going well, and you’re enjoying fine weather int’ garden… ’tis overcast today, but at least it’s dry hereabouts.. hugs aplenty to you both… xPenx

    • Hi Pen I know you posted this some time ago, and I missed it as I’d stopped blogging for a while, I’ve been on your blog a couple of times and you appear to be having a break too, well maybe we’ll catch up soon, hugs if you see this.

  3. Hi Arlene, Hope you are enjoying your weekend. We have some lovely sunshine here. So I am off to the park. Hope you and yours are well.
    Kenny πŸ™‚

    • Hello Kenny, surprise, surprise, I have all but given up on my blog in WP as |i never got may comments on posts, I just concentrate on my Blogger now, though it’s not much more productive. I am well as are the dogs. I did read about you adopting a cat, hope to read more of it, take care Arlene

    • Hi Kenny Thanks for comment on GB, I have replied on WP. the weekend is almost over, it’s been a pleasant one here.  Arlene




  4. Hi, Arlene, thought I’d try this one if GOOGLE doesn’t mind…lol

    • Well, two entries in my guestbook in one week, I am honoured, google is smiling down on me at last, thanks GGran too.

  5. Kenny was ere ! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Kenny, nice to see you and Welcome. X

  6. Ah well, didn’t work.. it just disappeared into the time portal that is known as Never Never Land. ….Toodle Pip and have a good day.. to you 3 from me. xx

    • I agree, it didn’t work, sob, I’ve had a busy day , again, laid a new carpet in the bathroom, actually, it was what was left from the hall, then had a visit to the tip with loadsa stuff, did some gardening, walked the dogs, fed them and me, and collapsed.
      got Karen partner coming up tomorrow to fitside gate to stop Tango invading the side garden and falling into the frog pond.
      Got a show on Sunday, judging at Chievely, so got to get stuff ready, hope to catch up with everyone’s blogs in a couple of days.
      You take care and keep yourself occupied, thinking of you
      Hugs from us XXX

  7. HI there Arlene, just me dropping by to see if everything’s ok. Also dropping off this reminder of Capt Jack
    not that you need it of course, having already clapped eyes on his latest film!! … Hugs to you Tango and Ruby, from li’l ole me. xPenx

    • Hi Pen, yes everything is OK as you’ll see by my recent blog, I’ve simply been a bit tied up with fundamentals. I think that means everyday things. I’ve got another busy day to-day, I’m going to pick up my curtains, drop some lettuce to a friend and the dentist this pm. I didn’t sleep good last night, dropped off about 1 am and woke at 6 so I’ll probably be bushed around 2, but I’ll have to watch for my dental appt, at 3.30,
      Loved the pics of Sir Johnnie, sigh, though not the best thing for my heart at 8 am LOL
      hope you’re coping sending you good vibes and cyber hugs. XX

      • just testing this direct link to leave a JD gif, Hope it works, if not back to the drawing board. sigh!! πŸ˜‰

        now, here goes,… xx

  8. Happy Easter Arlene

    Arohanui Lady Jude

  9. Hello Arlene.
    Thanks for the lovely birthday greetings for my son today! πŸ™‚
    I just want to ask you about what you said re: my blogs with ”numbers on them”
    Do you see these blogs of mine when you are navigating my wordpress blog site. or do you see the blogs (with a number on it) in your e-mail notifications?
    I’m a bit worried now but i’m glad you brought it to my attention, can you let me know if you see these blogs on my wordpress page or if it’s a notification on your e-mail page? thanks Arlene! πŸ™‚
    I hope that you are well today! x

    • Hi Mags I have forwarded the email of the blog notification, it is obviously a page on your blog as when I went into one it also had your home page and another which I could access and they appeared normal, but I’m getting loads of these numbered ones on e-mail notification page.
      I’m fine to-day thanks, a little bit of gardening and a couple of dog walks.

  10. hello arlene,
    what happened to your blog about ‘lakeland plastics’??? I went to leave a comment, and then the whole blog seems to have disappeared!!! *is that just me? have I done something wrong, i’m still not sure of what to do when i visit friends spaces lol anyhoooo I was in a fabulous lakeland store just a few weeks ago. in the lake district. we were in that shop for at least 2 hours what did we buy? well I was after one of those sink drain covers, which covers the drain and prevents all the gunk from blocking the sink. so we got that. and we got a ‘potatos sack’ we got other stuff too, omg I can’t remember. *my memory MUST be going :s Anyhoo in answer to your question? Yes I am scottish Arlene, well spotted there! lol -mags x

    • It’s back Mags, i made a mistake in Live writer so took it off I’ve been playing around with my Blogspot blog, but I caught this before I went to bed, my leccie blanket will have switched off by now.
      Aha, it takes a |Scot to know one, anyhow I’ll catch up tomorrow evening. G’night G Bless X

  11. HIya Arlene, (and Tango and Ruby….of course I didn’t forget!!) just dropping by to say Hi and have a great week, also loving the new design, and your great Header photo in the snow, …. it’s beautiful ..xx
    Pen and her Maj…Click for JD Piccies

  12. β™₯β˜†γ€€γ€€γ€€β™₯β˜†γ€€γ€€β™₯β˜†γ€€γ€€γ€€ β™₯β˜†
    _________,✬.*`,✳.*`,✬.__$…GOOD NIGHT MY SWEET FRIEND
    __,✬.*`,✳.*`,✬._________$….SWEET DREAMS
    ✬.*`,✳.*`,✬._______ __ β•±β•² __
    ✬.*`,✳.*`,✬._______ β•²* β€’.β€’* β•±
    ✬.*`,✳.*`,✬._______ β•± .β€’*β€’. β•²
    ✬.*`,✳.*`,✬._______ Β―Β― β•²β•± Β―Β―
    ,✬.*`,✳.*`,✬. HUGS AND 1000 SWEET KISSES
    ____,✬.*`,✳.*`,✬. )β™₯..HAVE A NICE WEEK
    ________________,✬.*`,✳.*`,✬. Kiss and Hugs**

    Thanks for your visit Arlene

    • Isn’t Lady Jude talented with the typos, lovely graphics, thank you so much.

  13. me and Bess have just dropped by with this ‘ere fella in tow, (no Bess not toe, tow !!)
    have a gorgeous Wednesday….

    lots of hugs licks and woofs… from JD heh!! xx

    • Oh Pen, you’re such a tease, and I haven’t got anyone to console me, apart from Tango and Ruby, sigh, well, they’ll just have to do, no substitute though, perhaps you could release him from your under stairs cupboard ? just for the day.

  14. Left this on my WLS page in reply to your kind comment…but in case you don’t get bored and go back for a look!!! I will leave it here too πŸ™‚

    Hi Arlene, one of my oldest and bestest of (cyber) friends! I thought I mentioned this briefly on one of your earlier blogs but I am probably slightly delusional at the moment! lol… not very likely to be back to normal blog visiting etc till next week when the 14th should have passed without incident and I will hopefully be able to sit still and concentrate long enough to take-in what I am reading Don’t worry I haven’t deserted you!

    Wolfie hugs πŸ™‚

    • I am in the library trying to catch up, having been banished from my home, I’m off to my friends for lunch shortly, but hope to catch up this evening.
      Take care

      • One last comment for tonight πŸ™‚ You’re probably commented senseless by now since I’ve been blog trotting on your site…lol…be back to carry on tomorrow hopefully πŸ™‚ I have managed to wrangle my leave dates so I can have the day off work to go to Crufts on Working/Pastrol Dogs Day! Well actually I told my boss I wouldn’t negotiate or change any dates whatsoever to help him out unless he let me have that day! But nevermind πŸ˜‰ I know you said you weren’t that thrilled with it last time, but its years since I last went (Earls Court days) so I’m certain me and my happy snappy camera finger will have a great day out amongst my favourite breeds…and I get a trip out somewhere I’ve never been before so I think it will all be cool one way or another πŸ™‚ ….and pedigree Wolfie is after Best in Show!!!!!!!!! Yes…I was badly in need of something good to look forward to and Wolfie is a little bit on the excitable side now! Wolfie hugs πŸ™‚

  15. Ahh, thank you Pen, I could do with a hug and a massage, I don’t care whether it’s from JD or Quasimodo, I hurt everywhere, all the bashing and lifting, whew, my old bones aren’t as pliable as they used to be, Last nigh I had a long soak and just flopped by the TV. Lovely pic for me, Many hugs and licks, woofs and strokes behind the ears from me Tango and Ruby to you and Bess, no not behind your ears,. I’m putting this on your GB too in case you don’t catch it. XXX

  16. Just dropping by to give you a Thursday Hug…it’s not different from any other hug, it’s just …um…Thursday… πŸ˜‰ … Bess wants to join in too…so hugs, licks and Thursday woofs, to you Tango and Ruby, from Me and her Maj…xx

  17. HoooOOOWWWLLLooooo! I have left a note on my WLS page regarding my current position housing wise just in case you were still wondering πŸ˜‰ Sorry I’ve not responded to anything recently, been difficult keeping my head above water but am back on track with that now. So I will be back to visit your blogs asap and thank you for that lovely weekend email! I opened it on the train via the phone and it was so cute! Thanks πŸ™‚

  18. I think I’d out-stare you Pen, he’s just so dreamy, just as well i’m old enough to know it’s just an unobtainable dream.

  19. Right-o we’ll start passing the hat round. and if it’s a pirate ship, Bess can be first mate. if wishes were fishes we’d all be swimming in the sea eh?

    • Just dropping off this link, Arlene, mind you I may be here for a while, just clicking the link and staring..!! xx

  20. Arlene

    I think we should set up a fund for a stair lift for Bess, and any money left over a trip on a pirate ship hoping to get captured. by JD, who else?

    • OOoooo…nearly missed this ..Arlene, money always welcome, but maybe I’ll get my greedy mits on the stair- lift fund and just use it for the pirate ship instead? .. Well …if we went on t’ ship, Bess wouldn’t need a stair-lift now would she?

      Sighs!! no, not size….as in size doesn’t count….just Sighs!! πŸ˜‰
      xPenx Have a great week-end..xx

  21. Nope, no way of leaving photo’s or gifs other than putting them on your own blog or comment box on your own site Arlene…so I added a little piccie of JD…after your comment…Bess’s just climbed the stairs on her own., she usually waits at the bottom and barks at me to come and carry her, but she’s obviously feeling better . Worries me though, she could so easily fall.!! Hmm.. thinks.I bet she’d love one of those ‘stair lifts’ …travelling slowly up the stairs like a ‘lady’ … πŸ˜‰ Now she’s barking to go downstairs!! sheesh!! females!! bye for now…and have a great day ..xPenx

  22. You better let him out for Christmas, or I’ll set the dogs on you..

  23. Hi Arlene, Tango and of course not forgetting little Ruby,
    a Christmas greeting to you all, have a wonderful festive time, and may 2011 bring all you could wish…(excepting JD…’cos he’s unavailable)

    hugs, licks and woof’s from xPen ‘n’ Bessx

    • Wotchya mean ‘unobtainable’ I suppose it means that you’ve kidnapped him and got him held up somewhere to have your wicked way leading him astray.
      Loved the gif pity they don’t show up on the comments. Tango and Ruby send their biggest soppiest licks to Bess
      and little licks to you actually they’re both asleep.

      • Moi’? kidnapped JD? as if.. *cough* and no… that’s not banging on the under-stairs cupboard …must be next door!! πŸ˜‰ xx hugs, licks and woofs to all sleeping beauties…xx

  24. CatsRuS

    Just stopped by to say hello. Thanks for the nice visit from you on Blogger and the condolences for Basil. Yes there is a huge emptiness without him. My place is too quiet even with the other cats, they’re especially quiet now, I expect they are grieving him too. Basil was a very noisy, vocal cat, used to have conversations with me, I guess that’s the oriental breed he had in him, he’d yeowl at me. lol
    Love the snow effect here, looks good.

  25. Hello Arlene, just sticking my nose round the door to let you know I am still around, just not up to being very interactive what with all the stuff going on at home.
    Creative juices have dried up of late, don’t think I am alone there though, does not seem to be much activity on these sites compared to our old WLS spaces. Must all be brow beaten with the change and coping with the difficult way of staying in touch here.

    • Hi Anne, I was just thinking of you the other day, and made a pact with myself to get in touch, now this is where I find things more difficult than the old WLS, it’s in replying to someone and not knowing whether or not they’re reading it. so I’m also going to email you this. I’ve been trying to keep up the blogging bit but it’s hard work, in fact I did say I was going to abandon WP and stick to Blogger as I get more response, if it wasn’t for email alerts I wouldn’t know you’d posted here. To keep up with me [if of course you’ve a mind to] Blogspot’s the best bet and I also have a ‘this’n’that blogspot where I post jokes I’ve been passed on, so if hyou fancy a giggle clock that one, it’s advertised on my 4pawsandatale.blogspot.
      How are things with Isobel? I do hope you will be telling me good news, having grandchildren I know to well how upsetting the whole business must have been, and such a worry. do keep in touch.
      I expect you’re snowed in , my friend in Rochester says she is and had to walk 5 miles to work.

  26. have a great week-end Arlene, ‘n’ Tango too of course..
    I hope the weathers going to be kind..none of this white stuff that’s forecast to blanket the Country,,.woof from Bess…xPenx

  27. wishing you ‘n’ Tango a fantastic week-end, Arlene,
    Me ‘n’ Bess are cuddling up on this foggy morning…

    • It’s the only good thing about this weather is the lovely warm feeling when you’re indoors.

  28. Pressed send too quick, amybe JD has heard about these wonderful hols and will be there waiting for me. sigh I wish.
    Tango asks Bess for her some well licks as he had a bad adventure to-night.

  29. Yes Pen off to Jersey on Monday, for a Turkey and Tinsel, have you heard of them, looking forward to it I’ll pop it in a blog

  30. Lovely gif there Arlene
    It’s raining and pouring here, and the weeks almost over…sigh and no sign of Johnny..,( πŸ˜‰ ) I’ll just have to dream ….
    have a great Thurday, and Bess sends a ‘woof; to Tango…….xx

    • I expect you mean the gif of JD and comments eh? good one.
      I’ve been out for a bit of retail therapy, stocking up on holiday clothes. Looking forward to it, but I’ll miss my little doubt he’ll be sending cyber moans to all his doggy friends about his neglectful Mum, tell Bess to tell him to grow up,

      • oooO, you off on Holiday Arlene?
        and I’m not surprised at the doggy moans.. …Poor Tango, BUT he’ll forgive you when you get back,..,NO doubt about it… (er not off with that JD fella? …Green eyed jealousy!!)…Bess sends ‘buck up’ ‘woof’s’ to Tango!! πŸ™‚ xPenx

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