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A window of fine weather

As the title says a window of fine weather to-day, though a bit of damp in the air it was sunny. A nice walk along the beach for starters, There was a fine mist shrouding the Isle of Wight making it look quite mysterious and lovely. Washed the bedding but a waste of time putting …

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Enough for now

Hi Folks just putting up a couple of pics of the garden now that the bulk of the work is done. I’ve planted the bulbs and some plants, and saying that I remembered my neighbour gave me some poppies, and I forgot to plant them too, Oh well tomorrow is another day as they say …

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Thoughts on gardening

I’ve got about twenty minutes before I get ready to go out, so I thought I’d put up this quick blog post. Looking at the garden to-day I got to thinking about next year. One thing I’ve made up my mind about, is no more spur of the moment plants from the Garden Centre just …

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A present from the birds

Like many people I feed the birds in the garden, with various bird feeders containing various treats , such as nuts, sunflower seeds, and ordinary seed mix. The other day I went to the back part of the garden to clear out the little frog pond, and decided to do a bit of clearing out …

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Sleep etc.

Hi all thanks for your comments and concern, and yes I did have a better night’s sleep last night, thank heaven I go through phases where I can go for about two weeks and sleep through the night, then BAM! I can spend the next two weeks trying to get by on about four hours …

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I started out to make this a gardening blog in reply to Sheila’s post, but i am getting a bit worried, Let me explain, A girl friend suggested on Monday I come to her place for lunch/tea, I said yeah good, as she had another appointment at noon she’d call me as soon as she …

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