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The Garden Centre

A few blogs back I mentioned that I lost a few shrubs to the hard frost we’d had, I was most saddened at the loss of a Firethorn that was maturing nicely.   However I decided to-day to go to the Garden centre to get a replacement.

I pondered on whether to choose a Viburnum, Escallonia, Holly, Laurel or what, I wanted something that would grow quickly, so Holly was out, that had flowers at some time, Laurel, out, I wanted a shrub that would be quite bushy to hopefully encourage birds to nest, as a blackbird had been eyeing up the Firethorn, they take a long time to mature so it was out too, I eventually settled on the Escallonia, in fact two, both different species,  as I have several Viburnum, they are good workhorses in the garden though.

Now I just need some reasonably mild weather to venture into the garden, the past few days have been very windy and chilly.

They also have a good line in cut price books and I spent a pleasant half hour having a browse, I got a recipe book ‘How to get the best from your Slow Cooker’ and ‘ 400 Budget recipes’, it’s a real cornucopia of goodies. I also got a nice little poetry book, a mixture of classic poets and some modern ones, a bit more light hearted than the ones I already have, though I love my them and enjoy an evening reading. I also bought a ‘Puzzle book for Gardeners’ just the Christmas present for a girl friend who is an avid crossword puzzle and garden enthusiast, She organises our quiz nights, most enjoyable they are, with some super varied questions.

Oh well that’s about it for to-day, I thoroughly enjoyed it, I’d intended buying soap powder to do some washing but ran out of money. books and plants are more important though, wouldn’t you agree?


  1. Bank holiday wash out indeed ladies! Just back from a fine old drenching at the annual County Agricultural Show…took half a day to work out where it was and then it rained all day…then I got drowned by a passing horsebox on the way back and couldn’t avoid the tsunami it created! Grrrrr! And still smarting too, from ManU’s shameful loss!
    But did enjoy a great sheep dog display Arlene despite the rain, seeing that Border collie in action was something else, it’s great to see the breed doing what it does best 🙂 The passing beef cattle took a keen interest in Wolfie too…and Wolfie was VERY hungry by then! Slurp! Slobber! Luckily I was a little preoccupied by a particularly stunning Arabian horse that was postitivly floating when it came to show off its paces…needless to say it won its class…and did Wolfie dine on beef? lol…well maybe a little beef jerky! 🙂

    • Oh poor Wolfie, what a shame, there is just no respect these days for a well turned out traveler. But I’m glad to hear that all was not in vain and you did see some good things,and there isn’t much better than watching BC’s doing what they are bred for. I used to go to Dorset County Agricultural show every September to see that. Good for you keeping your hungry mitts off the cattle and settling instead fpr some jerky. you could at least have had a burger. ! Well at least your home safe and sound and living to tell the tale.
      Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Bank Holiday is a wash out here too Arlene, and as Man U lost the match against Barcelona, I’m down, but not out!! 😀
    I love going round Garden centre’s, always a treat for me. Firethorn is a Pyracantha? I have a few growing as fences, makes for a great way to stop anyone encroaching in my garden, the spikes are horrendous when pruning, and I sometimes get torn to shreds. And I do agree, books and plants are more important than soap powder any day, (in my book anyway… ouch!!) xPenx
    Hugs woofs and licks to you, Tango and Ruby. xx

    • S’right Pen, it’s just miserable here and soooo booooring.
      I watched the match and thought of you, but to be fair, I thought Barcelona were far superior and IMO had almost complete control of the ball, you could almost hear MU saying ‘can we have our ball back please’ and someone kindly put the extra one on the pitch Ha, ha.
      But to make you feel better [I lie] I’m going to see JD’s new film to-morrow, courtesy of my daughter Arlene, her daughter and husband Lisa and Jon. I’ll blow him a kiss from you. OK?
      Yes it is a Pyracantha, and they are evil creatures, I’ve got two, I grew from cuttings,
      The soap powder got bought and duly used to wash the dog’s beds, not nearly as interesting as reading though.
      Hugs from me and nice gentle licks from T&R

      • I hope you remembered to blow that kiss from me to JD, Arlene, 😀 xx

      • Of course I did Pen, and, guess what, he blew one back, I caught it for you and will post it on. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX get it?

  3. You’ll have to take some photo’s of your new plant Arlene, Best of luck with it…

    • I will as soon as the weather has improved Lady Jude. thanks for calling

  4. Books and plants are far more important 🙂 Sounds like a great day out…next time take Wolfie! 😉

    • Yes Wolfie, that seems to be the general opinion, long live the written word and the beauties of nature. Get in the queue Wolfie and grab a trolley.:-)

  5. GreatGranny

    Sounds like your shopping trip was interesting and I hope your weather behaves so you can do some gardening.
    The slow cooker is my favorite way to cook, just right for one.

    • Thanks for reply Gr Gran I’m afraid the weather wasn’t kind enough to let me get any gardening done to-day. sigh.
      I agree on the slow cooker, a wonderful invention., I’m looking forward to trying out some new recipes.

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