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To-day’s happenings

As I had posted earlier, i had a funeral to go to to-day. , Saying good-bye to an old friend, and on a lighter note, meeting up with others I hadn’t seen for some time.

It was a nice service, as these things go.

I got up 6.30 am as I wanted to take the dogs for a good run, we went out at 8 am back 9.30 to get changed. I left home 10.30 am, though it was only 54 miles, the A27 can be pretty busy as much of the traffic is heavy goods heading towards The Dartford tunnel and hence to the Channel for shipment to France.

I downloaded the directions from google, and a fat lot of good they were, the turn off to Chichester was wrong. and I wasted time having to ask directions. The first lot was OK up to a point, then they went haywire, so had to stop and ask for more, by this time it was noon and the service was 12.30. However I got there at 12.15.

After the service we had a lovely spread , sandwiches, and some hot food, lovely cake and éclairs, and tea, coffee.  That was most welcome.

Off for home at 2.15 and made good speed on the way back getting home just before four o’clock. Quickly changed had a coffee and took the dogs out for a well earned walk for over two hours. I took the camera and took some photos of to-days walk, with a couple of wild flowers thrown in, mostly wood anemones which carpet the ground at this time. with some wild primroses.  The bluebells are just coming into bloom, but it is difficult to find real English bluebells now as the rather coarser Spanish form are taking over, so I didn’t take any, If I change my mind I have them in my own garden.

Over someone’s fence there was a ,lovely spray of Ribes, and though it stinks like cat pee, it does look pretty, so I took a snap of it too. The rest are scenes of the sea looking to the Isle of Wight one way and toward Bournemouth the other.  I haven’t deleted or sorted any, sorry as I haven’t got time, so just gloss over the rubbish.

I also managed to get a couple of rabbits.P1010210P1010211P1010212P1010216This is the waterfall that comes out from under the raod from the Chewton Glen Hotel

The weather was beautiful to-day and we are promised a warm and sunny week-end Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay good one.

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  1. Lovely photos you clever person! I do like the rabbits…slurp…droool!! Glad you made it to the service ok and all went well but you must have been tired with all that driving. Hope you have a happy relaxing weekend recharging the batteries 🙂

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