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Hi all, many thanks for your good wishes for my birthday, I’ve had a lovely day, with some super presents, My friend Sue gave me some ‘Ghost’ perfume, I hadn’t smelt it before, and I must say it is very nice, I do love perfume.

We went to a local restaurant and had a nice meal, |I had beef Stroganoff and fruit crumble for dessert, with orange squash, just like a kid, { I don’t drink, nor do the girls} the meal was very nice, home cooked and hot. I waited till we went back to mine for tea and cake,

My family gave me some nice presents for the garden.,  a lovely planter in the shape of an old fashioned perambulator, I look forward to filling it with flowers. Also a new garden table and chairs to replace my [very] old set, the table had been used for painting and was in a dreadful state, the chairs I disastrously painted with texture paint, not realising what the effect would be, which was the surface was rough and dirt and grime stuck and wouldn’t come off. So the new set is most welcome. plus some very acceptable toiletries .

Glad the Bounce tips were taken on board and will prove useful. I did know about them being useful for wiping TV and Computer screens.

I am  off to bed shortly as I’m judging at a dog show to-morrow, got a 5 am rise, good night


  1. Happy Birthday, Arlene! I like perfume as well, never heard of ‘Ghost’perfume, very interesting.

    • Thank you GGB I dill verify that it is a really nice perfume. At the dog show yesterday a lady had a lovely perfume not unlike it and I asked was it Ghost, she said ‘No, Chanel’ ! gulp. I just smiled weakly.

  2. Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuu! 🙂 A rather fine birthday by the sounds of it! Hope the dog show judging went well, you didn’t pass out in the heat and you DID wake up at 5am!! 🙂

    • Thank you Wolfie, it doesn’t seem all that long since the last one, sigh, The show went very well and I didn’t oversleep, I’m very good at waking, it’s the sleeping the night through that’s the problem. but I was OK, good show and good company.

  3. Happy Birthday to yoooou!! Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday dear Arlene, Happy Birthday to yooooou!! (Just imagine me singing…or maybe best not..imagine JD singing it? 😉 ) All those goodies, what a wonderful day you had… and a 5 o’clock rise this morning. Urgh!! …. hugs to you three from a sleepy me. xPenx

    • I couldn’t imagine JD singing, LOL in fact I don’t think I’d risk hearing him, as if it was awful it would rather spoil the image, yes?
      I know 5 am was not funny, and Sue and Caroline fancied a beach walk afterwards before home time, my feet did protest to no avail, I enjoyed it and so did the dogs all 8 of them, but I was pooped when I got home around 8.30 pm. zzzzzzzz.
      hugs from three sleepy people.XX

  4. SandySays1

    Happy Birthday! I’m glad you got the perfume. And the dining! Wish you lived closer so the Geezer could borrow a splash of the de-stinker fluid. If you saw the latest post he could have used some after the gator calling.
    PS When you’re judging remember just how great we Goldens are!

    • What! use my lovely perfume on a reptile! huh take your chances mate. LOL
      I did have a nice high steppin’ goldie in the class, didn’t win though, sorry.

  5. CatsRuS

    A belated happy birthday to you Arlene, it sounds like you had a really great time!

    • Thank you I did

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