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To-day and to-night

First to the kind bloggers who gave my paintings the thumbs up, many thanks, I do appreciate it, makes me feel a little bit better now.

I made another batch of Welsh Cakes yesterday, to take to our quiz evening which is tonight, there are five of us, so surely we will get at least two questions right among us. Mary from our Dance class is organising it, and she can put on some mean questions. She does it in categories, and when it comes to Sport, I give up Nature and English are hopefully a bit better My daughter Arlene her hubby,daughter and my friend Sue are coming. I’ll let you know to-morrow how we get on.

I’ve got another girl friend coming up shortly for  coffee, so I’ll have to get moving and wash up lunch dishes. She’s got Megan a little cocker spaniel, I looked after her when she went on holiday to Australia  a couple of years ago, it was during the Iceland volcano eruption, and I had to hang on to Meg for about a week as she got stuck in Dubai.

She has told me that she is finding her hard to cope with and may have to part with her, I’m not too happy, she was already rescued, and is now 11, I asked a neighbour’s daughter if she was interested as she liked her, but unfortunately she’s not able to. I’m going to work on Avril hoping she’ll keep her, oh oh she’s at the door, must go, catch you all to-morrow.


  1. Poor Avril, I wonder if there is some way to help her cope with Megan? Perhaps if you can find out exactly what the root of the problem is, with your K9 expertise and experience you might be able to help her find a way to turn the situation around. Otherwise it would be very sad for both parties concerned. But if Avril really can’t cope she shouldn’t be condemned for it, everybody’s different and I don’t suppose she’ll be feeling great about the whole thing either. See if you can work your magic with them Arlene! And if all else fails…lots of support for Avril…and hopefully a happy new home for Megan.

    I like most dog lovers believe a dog is for life but having been forced to give-up 2 of my own through no fault of my own, I know how much of a failure it can leave you feeling along with the very raw pain and guilt. Condemnation and judgement are the very last thing you need. You pile quite enough of that on yourself without any added extra from outsiders. And let’s be honest…more often than not those people do not know the circumstances surrounding the action. But if anyone can turn this around, you can Arlene! I have great faith in you! Go for it 🙂

    And good luck with the quiz questions!!

    • Thanks for calling Wolfie, and if you’ve read the blog, you’ll know that all is well, yippee

  2. That’s so sad I always believe if you take and animal in you should have that commitment until death do you part, I would judge here as we don’t always know of the other persons reasons as sometime they can be very genuine… Have a lovely day Arlene…

    • I fully agree Lady Jude, Avril’s reasons were pretty sincere, but she’s feeling a bit better and able to cope, so Megan is saved. Thank you for caring.

  3. AHH ! I Arlene please change her mind as I know you will try, so sad to hear this. I hope you have a fab time and enjoying your lovely Welsh cakes , save one for me .. Hugs Sheila & Wile-e xx

    • Well I did Sheila, as you may have seen, still a few Welsh cakes left, oh and a few fairy cakes. come’n’get ’em..

  4. I do hope you manage to change Avril’s mind Arlene, as I know just how you’re feeling about this… A friend, a while back took, on a rescued dog, … (she’d been passed from owner to owner)… and this friend up and did the same. the poor dog was like pass the parcel… I just can’t understand the reasoning sometimes. It’s so heartrending… I’m keeping my fingers crossed, (also about the quiz,… hope you win. ..) hugs to you, Tango and Ruby…from me. xx

    • As you will possibly have seen Pen, all is well with a Happy ending. i wish the same could be said about the dog you talked about, I get so upset, yet so bl***y angry at the indifference of people when it comes to animals,
      Did you see that the chap who swung the cat gave himself up, ? I hope they still give him a custodial sentence, Hugs from an angry Arlene, the dogs are too pooped after a long walk in the New Forest. X

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