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Ruby etc. part 2

Thanks for your feedback folks, much appreciated. I’ve attached pics of the kitchen after Martin had done the prepping, painted ceiling and such, hopefully the paper will be up tomorrow.


Now to Ruby, I said yesterday it had started to rain, we also had thunder and lightening, LightningShe didn’t appear to be too worried, but when it came to ‘get busy’ time before bed, she wouldn’t go outside.

I eventually had to leave her and let her go to bed, next morning, she wouldn’t get up, and I had to tip her out of her bed., she was reluctant to go out again, and wouldn’t eat her breakfast,

Fortunately the rain eased off and we went off out and she ‘performed’ but when we came back still wouldn’t eat,

I spent the afternoon with both dogs in the little summerhouse, painting, she did eat her food this evening, and is again fast asleep.Sleepy smile Tango has been very good with her.

It’s been raining heavy again, we just got back from our walk before the heavens opened. It’s a welcome relief and let’s hope it puts out the devastating fires of the past few days.


  1. arlene

    Thanks Wolfie and Pen, Ruby is absolutely fine now and just aching to play ball

  2. These pampered pooches! A little drop of rain and they’re back up on the sofa or hiding in their dog beds! Us wolfies just have to get on with it!!! Hope Ruby settles back down soon.

    Missed this post somehow…been very hectic of late so not sure what I have and havent missed of people’s blogs!

  3. I do hope Ruby perks up soon, Arlene, It was so long ago that Bess had her Op that I can’t remember how she reacted. Poor Ruby must be feeling pretty sore. But Like Lady Jude, I don’t blame her for not wanting to do her business outside. Oh for a doggie Loo which they can learn to use eh? Would have been so, so handy when I was waiting about for Bess to um…pick her spot and perform in every kind of weather!! .. Hugs to you and Tango and soft ones for Ruby. Have a great week-end. xPenx

  4. Don’t blame the dog one bit, who wants to go out when it’s raining and cold…

    • Couldn’t agree more Lady Jude, but as she’s not able to flush the toilet, it’s a case of having to. LOL
      Thanks for your visit, lonely here isn’t it 😉

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