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Ruby Etc.

Just a little update on Ruby.

Her operation went well, I dropped her off at the vet at 8,30am and they phoned me 10.30 to say she had been done!, and to phone between 1 and 2 pm, I did and picked her up at 2.30.

She was a bit dis-oriented but soon came back to normal. SmileThumbs up

She enjoyed a couple of chicken ‘n’ rice meals and gentle walks .BowlTurtle

Went to the vet for her post op check op and he was pleased with her, another 9 days on lead walking and she’ll be fully functioning as before, but with no hassle of seasons or puppies.

While typing this I can hear a strange sound outside,  I glance out of the window, and see raindrops glistening through the dark panes, good, that will save me watering the garden or cleaning the car to-morrow, just hope it doesn’t last too long, Storm cloud Umbrella

Oh before I forget,my son in law is coming over to-morrow to decorate the kitchen.School bus

I went out yesterday to buy the wallpaper, I went into a proper decorator shop in New Milton and was confronted with an absolute library of books, yikes I haven’t got time to go through that lot.

I whittled down to four to plough through, School

I  only found one I could see that was remotely what I wanted at £15 per roll, OK I only wanted three rolls, but felt it was a bit pricey as it wasn’t 100% what I wanted, so I went to the local B&Q store, and though they didn’t have the amount of stock but I felt it was better that way, not so confusing. Confused smile

I had a browse around and spotted a couple I could live with, then spotted the ‘clearance bin’ and had a quick shuftie, well, well, I picked up pretty much what I wanted at £3 a roll, and believe it or not, they had three matching rolls! YES! When I took them to the checkout, I was asked for £6, as the current offer of three for two also applied, Now how lucky is that. ?Fingers crossed

Now I wonder how lucky I might be with the carpet……………Thinking smile

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  1. Pleased Ruby’s op went well…she’ll be right as rain before you know it. You did do well wioth the wallpaper…and also with the “wallpaper” on here too! 🙂 Btw…went to the “London Pet Show” this weekend…you’d have loved the flyball collies, very lively and affectionate souls, only too happy to provide slobbery doggy snogs!!

    • Hi Wolfie, thanks for your visit, Ruby is absolutely fine, you wouldn’t know she’d had anything done, tough as old boots I think.
      Off to the Pet show then and Crufts not too long ago, you are enjoying yourself among the hounds. I could do with a help with a couple of judging appointments.???better than Flyball,

      • The flyball collies were adorable Arlene! They were the friendliest cuddliest dogs going and one took a huge liking to me and persisted in trying to snog me!! Difficult to fend off a furry excited k9 wrapping its paws round your neck and licking you to death at the same time lol 😉 I’m off to Windsor horse show tomorrow and a summer show on sunday which will include dog agility, showing etc so I will be very busy 🙂 Now about those judging appointments….!!

  2. Can’t you come west Annie and do my carpet shopping for me, ? i could do with someone with a bit of haggle know how. and you can use my B&Q card. You did well for Kath, she’s so lucky to have you.
    Best wishes to Clare and Isobel, hope they are keeping well.

  3. Bargains are out there to be had. I was lucky to get Kaths curtains all reduced for the entire house would have cost £300 but each pair were reduced so go them all for £120 including all the nets as well. Was annoyed that even though the paint was cheap enough on offer in B&Q that I could not use her over 60’s 10% discount card on her behalf.
    Hope the kitchen is as you pictured it.
    Bet Ruby bounces back in no time. Does Tango realise she has to be careful.

  4. OOoo worth a try searching for a carpet bargain Arlene, seems like your lucks in. I love hearing about special offers which ‘hit the spot’ for once and are useful.
    and good to have an update on Ruby’s Op, glad she’s doing so well. Soft hugs to her from me. I remember Bess’s time and how she didn’t speak to me for simply ages afterwards, ’twas all my fault of course!! 🙂 … Happy DIY time to you, and hugs to Tango ( as Ruby’s already had hers!!) xPenx

    • As poor Ruby hasn’t had as privileged upbringing as Tango, Bess and the majority of other dogs, she appears to just take things in her stride, bless her, as long as I’m there she’s happy. But Whisper re-acted as Bess did.
      As I mentioned I’m not looking forward to carpet shopping, but we’ll see, it may turn out OK
      Thanks for hugs, and returning them I bet you could do with a big one.
      how about a massage thrown in, I ache as I hadn’t really relaxed to-day.
      Take care XX

      • Just been to B & Q and bought the wrong Varnish for my bathroom floor, I think my minds not quite there yet. So I’ll have to go back and swapsies. The hugs are very welcome Arlene, very welcome indeedy. 😀 xPenx

  5. So good to hear Ruby is coming along well.
    That was a bargain for sure. I love bargain shopping and hoping you get a good deal on the carpet.

    • Thanks Gr,gran I must admit I don’t specifically go out to bag a bargain, but if one comes my way, i’ll grab it with both hands.
      I’m not looking forward to carpet hunting.

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