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A lively funeral

Colin was the husband of one of our Scottish Country Dancing group. He was a lovely, kind man a true gentleman. He and Mary had been married for 56 years they met in the Army when he was in the Medical corps and she a nurse during National Service.

He contracted cancer a short seven months ago, and it just rampaged through his body. He had been a very fit and active 79 yr old , such a cruel disease.

He was buried in the Woodland Burial ground, which some may remember, I wrote about in WLS some time back, I too have booked my spot there, though it was the first funeral I have attended at it.

It was lovely, Colin wanted no hymns or prayers, The service started wit Nat Cole singing  Autumn Leaves, so apt for the time of year, then Cavallero Rusticano, serene but not too solemn, lovely tributes and it finished with Morecambe and Wise singing Bring Me Sunshine, a nice uplifting end blowing away any ‘blues’. A piper led the way to the grave.   It was very ‘Colin’

Several people there were impressed enough to make enquiries for internment, and after the service I felt quite relaxed and happy it was a choice I had made.

He will be missed though but we have many happy memories of a nice man.


  1. Mags Corner

    It sounds like a very nice service. It is nice too that you have confirmation of making the right choice for you too. Hugs

  2. Great send-off! I should think he enjoyed it immensely 🙂 The plots in the Woodland Burial Ground sounds great, always good to know that when the time comes there’s a peaceful and lovely land awaiting you 🙂
    Wolfie hugs and howls!

    • He organised it all down to the last detail when he was told about the cancer.

      • Terribly sad…the best ones always suffer the most.

  3. That sounds good Arlene that’s the way to go..Sounds like a well Loved man who enjoyed Life. Glad the rain kept off to, and you all felt relaxed at the lovely send off.
    Hugs Sheila xx

    • He was Sheila, and it was a boon that it didn’t rain, standing out in the open by a grave in the rain would be pretty uncomfortable. X

      • By the way Arlene there is email sitting in my box on facebook, it says it’s from you. But it seems a bit suspect to me. Can you confirm please. x

      • Hi Sheila, if it starts with ‘Hi pretty lady’ yes it’s from me and safe.:-)

        Sent from my ASUS Pad

      • Oh I see thank you , I thought sounded iffy.. thanks for letting me know x

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