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It’s me again

  Creeping back hat in hand and looking suitably humble, I think I have been well and truly put right, and people do read and apparently enjoy my posts even if they don’t say so, so maybe I shouldn’t be so touchy, and just keep scribbling away and leave it at that, I thank all of you for taking the trouble to encourage me to do so. , and also i won’t feel quite so bad if I don’t always get round everyone or fail to leave a comment. It used to bug me a little.

Sandi I don’t think I have your blog address, and can’t understand why it won’t let you post, and Horst I find in Blogger that not getting notification of who has left a comment and with the option to reply, is a slight drawback in Blogger, I have had people ask questions or request info, and answered them but no follow up means I don’t know whether or not the help or answer was useful. Oh well not to worry I’ll just babble away when the mood takes me as of now.

I’ve spent two days in the garden, hoping to get it all in shape before the summer really sets in and I can sit back and enjoy, The result of that activity is that the ironing has piled up, as has the housework, I haven’t dusted nor vacuumed for about four days. But I know I have to make the most of this lovely weather while it lasts.

i pulled an old tree out and took down some old trellis, and have been breaking it up to take to the tip.P1010222



I’ve come in for a quick bite to eat then I’ve got to replace the trellis with some new stuff, My blinking back aches, but I’ll soldier on.

I started to watch Mama Mia on TV last night, and thought it was awful, can’t see what everyone was raving about, obviously it wasn’t my taste.

My daughter phoned me yesterday to say she’d fallen in the bath and taken a nasty knock, she cut her lip bashed her cheek and chin, and hurt her shoulder, despite my urging she wouldn’t go to A&E, she says she’ll see what it’s like when the swelling goes down. She could have broken her nose or knocked her teeth out.   She said she slipped on the bath mat when she was getting out of the shower, it is one of these shiny surface ones and it had obviously got soapy, she’s going to buy one with an orange peel surface,  You never stop worrying about them.

It is a beatiful day here the birds are singing their heart’s out, with the Blackie going full belt. One of my favourite sounds, I also like to hear the tinkle of china tea cups, when you stir the tea, and talking of tinkles, tinkly piano music a la Debussy. Well folks comment or not, that’s your lot for now, back to the garden. Byeeeeeeeeeeee

One more thing, I lost Tango this morning, he ran down to the beach on the left, by the time I got down he was nowhere in sight, I asked if someone had seen him and he’d gone to the beach on the right, we kept catching sight of him then he’d disappear behind the bushes, looking for me, as he’s getting deaf he couldn’t hear me call, to cut a long story short, after several people looking out for him, a lady caught him, put him on a leash, and signalled me to fetch him, by this time I was going frantic, so put his own leash on and went home..

P1010220This was him last night having a nice zoooozzP1010221 Ruby had stolen a nap in his bed.


  1. 🙂

  2. EEK! didn’t let me finish! “quite a knock” 🙂 was what I meant to say. Not used to the new keyboard layout yet (numeric keyboard to right of it which I didn’t have on the other-messes up where my fingers are supposed to go cos letters are further to left than I’m used to!)

  3. Oh dear! Such fun you have! Deafness isn’t usually an issue with our dogs, but the development of “cloth ears” when they choose to ignore all their training is annoying! Hope your daughter’s ok sounds like she took q

    • Hi Wolfie, thanks for the visit. Unfortunately Tangos’ increasing deafness is genuine, especially when he is off on a mission as we say, he does go into a world of his own nowadays, it is sad.
      My nw laptop has a numeric keyboard too, and I keep tapping the wrong keys especially on the left, hitting the slash instead of shift., I much prefer my desktop keyboard.

      • Getting used to not typing in the centre of the keyboard now…but not sure why I need a numeric keypad at the side AND along the top!

  4. Must be something in the air for folk having mishaps! I eventually got some time to do something for myself so went out the garden to prepare the mini green houses for seedlings and blow me if I didn’t go and step on a long rusty nail that impaled my foot. Took an age to prise my foot off it and today I have had to hobble on a crutch as I cannot put my foot to the floor. Rather me than the dog treading on it.
    Our new bath caused problems with the mat slipping until we realised you have to pop down the bobbles on the mat which are actually like suckers. Not a problem since. The bathroom is a nasty and hard place to fall, not helped by the fact calling for help is not always an option given the delicate situation of probably being indecently attired. Hope she is not sporting a shiner today.
    Poor Tango, he probably had his own agenda for the walk and completely oblivious to the worry. Mind you, I’d keep a beady eye on that Ruby, she seems to be muscling in and it wouldn’t surprise me if she were orchestrating a take over by setting Tango up for trouble. Boys do anything a girl suggests if he thinks it may impress her!

    • Hi Anne, nice to hear from you again, but for God’s sake don’t you think you should have gone to hospital and got a tetanus jab, that is a bit dodgy, rusty nails? I’d have passed out but I really think you should get it sorted. OK lecture over.
      |Arlene said that it was the surface that was the problem, as it was smooth, the bobbles were stuck on, I’ve got one that looks like grass, a tiny bit prickly on the
      b*m {I bathe}but safer. and yes she is sporting a shiner plus a few other bruises., she says it’s just as well it’s the school hols as she wouldn’t fancy showing her face to the youngsters. wouldn’t they have some fun.
      Oh yes, Ruby, given half a chance will rule the roost, and tango is too much a gent to challenge her. LOL

  5. omg! your daughter fell in the bath and your dog got lost! gaaa!
    very glad she isnt hurt badly, and that you got tango back. eesh!

    • I’ve just phoned my daughter,she has a few bruises on her face and a cut by her nose. Tango has slept quite a bit I think he got a bit of a fright too. Thanks for visiting Kirsten.

  6. SandySays1

    Hey, Arlene, I’m here and love to read your posts. Tough go in the garden. But, I’m sure glad you found old Tango. I’ll always be around!

    • Thank you Sandy, I’ll check out your blog, I too am glad I found the little blighter. the trouble is he is starting to get K9dementia. coupled with cloth ears.

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