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Photo blunder

Hi, had a nice walk this morning, the weather is anything but ‘nice’ but if you keep moving it’s not too bad, it’s damp, grey and chilly in a damp way, so you have to keep moving, at least it’s not raining.

I let Zak off the lead yesterday and he was just perfect, didn’t stray or bother other dogs, his biggest vice though is Bunny poo, he just loves it and believe me there’s plenty around here. Gotta stop it. 

He likes to get up on the chairs, afraid it’s a no-no in my house, though I’d let him perch on my kitchen chair, though I sit in it most of the day., as I’m doing now, so he’ll have to be content to lie on his bedding on the floor. 

His food is not a problem now, hopefully it’s been resolved. but he does like to beg at the table, he’ll soon get fed up of that, as I don’t give in. 

Ruby got a couple of new coats this week, one a nice fleece to keep her warm the other waterproof and nicely lined for wet weather, she had on her fleece to-day.  I took a couple of photos of Zak and her on the beach walk on my new phone, but , damn it I can’t upload them to my computer, I need a memory card, I can’t even see where it’s supposed to go, so I’ll have to fish out the instruction booklet and see what I can find out. what a pain.



  1. Dropping by to say Hi, and letting you know that ,you, Ruby Tuesday and Zak are in my thoughts, I hope this flooding is not causing you problems. FIngers crossed you are all safe .( If not safe and dry !!) hugs always xPenx

    • Hi Pen good to see you and many thanks for your comment on here, Zak, Ruby and myself are doing OK , though well fed up with this weather, though we’re, thankfully not affected by the floods. We are lucky being able to walk along the beach path which is relatively clean, but perishing cold., and no shelter if it should rain. The other day the wind was whipping the sand up so bad I had to turn back, it felt like shattered glass, but hey, we survive it all. How are you keeping , no thoughts of having another four legged friend? or are you still grieving Bess. I still mourn for Tango, and Jet, Whisper etc., it never goes away dear Pen, and never will till re-united, but till then I take comfort in knowing I’ve saved a couple of others from going over the bridge too soon.
      I keep telling myself to blog again, but often get so little feedback become disheartened, silly isn’t it, but we have lost so many friends on here, though I remember Technagran saying, she blogged for herself, as a personal diary, But I’m not that good and too much of an egoist. LOL I get as much fun out of ‘dressing’ my page on here, which is due another makeover methinks. watch this space and sending you hugs. take care and thanks for remembering me. XX

      • HI Arlene, I’ve been dressing and re-dressing my page, only to go back to (almost) the same colours, I won’t change the theme tho’ ,’cos it seems to suit my layout and number of pages. Ah!! now as to Bess, I think I’m probably selfish, but somehow, the thought of another li’l one in the house, fills me with … how can I explain it? not exactly pain, but such a pulling at the heartstrings, and I cannot look at her photo’s without a tear, not to mention the videos of her, not been able to view them at all yet. Maudlin I know, but there’ll probably be a right time? I hope so. I know it’s been nearly three years this March but who’s counting eh? I think my situation here is a factor too, hard to explain fully, but for now, the time is not right.
        I can fully understand your feelings, Arlene, we blog to connect with others, and comments are the life blood, flowing through WordPress, anyone who says they don’t need/want comments in response are, if not, fooling themselves , then out and out white lying. WE want the comments, and I feel so lucky when someone does comment on my poems etc… In fact when I press ‘post’ I die a little, thinking will anyone respond? Sad eh? but then aren’t we all at heart, still that little child, saying, notice me? So good to hear from you, and keep blogging, keep visiting others and they’ll respond, now your link to your site is fixed, I am sure of it.. Hugs aplenty, to you, Ruby tuesday, and Zak (adoodle) xPenx

      • Hi Pen, Don’t fret yourself over Bess, when the time is right,[if ever] to have another’ll know. nothing and, no one can take her place but should you take the plunge, she won’t grudge it, if it makes you happy, it’ll make her happy, there’s always room in the heart for ‘just one more’ and it’s not maudlin. There are still some places I can’t walk, as they were special to me with Tango and Jet, and I would give up 6 months of my life as it is now to have one day back with them. In Facebook I started a group called ‘In Remembrance’ and it’s for anyone who has lost a dearly loved pet, so many have posted their either when they’ve just lost a pet or want to remember their anniversary no matter how long, if you went on there you would realize you are not on your own.
        I take what you say about comments, I may have another little go but we’ll see, I may even pinch some of your crew. LOL. Be good to yourself. hugs from us three XX

  2. Hi Arlene well so happy all went well with ZAK off lead , that’s good news. He seems a happy little fellow , and gets on with Ruby to.
    Lucky Ruby new coats can’t beat a new coat ha.
    It’s a another unsettled day today , rather dark at the moment! Coming over from Bude by the looks of it.
    Hugs Sheila have a good week. xx

    • Hi Sheila thanks for visiting, I’ve been over to your place this evening, nobody offered me a cuppa, so I’ve come home. miserable weather , again.

      • Oh poop Arlene missed you’s raining here again .x

  3. You are definitely a woman after my own heart! No dogs on the furniture and definitely no begging! I understand your problem with Zak’s bunny poo liking!! I was in charge of a springer spaniel who loved cow pats 😉 And there were an abundance of them where I was then to “enjoy!” Urgggh!!! When you can get your photos uploaded I’d love to see Ruby in her new coats 😉 Sweet!

    • Yeah too many bunnies here for bunny poop lovers, at least they say as they are mostly veggie, they’re quite harmless. Going out with friend Sue tomorrow, hope it stays dry, so Ruby will have a coat on I’ll try and take another photo of her, and all six dogs. Widget, Nettle, Strudel, Tula, Ruby and Zak. LOL

      • Quite harmless they might be but the stench when they roll very thoroughly in them in great ecstasy is most definitely not harmless to the nose!!!!
        6 dogs!! You’re going to have fun!

  4. I’ve got two samsung phones Arlene. Both need to be connected by cable to the computer before you can upload photos without a memory card. Did you phone come with a USB cable as well as the charger? (USB end for computer, other end for phone) It will probably auto-upload drivers to your computer once the two are linked then it should be straight forward to open photos on your computer and copy and paste or click and drag to the required folder on your computer..

    • Hi Wolfie, if you read my reply to Mags below it’ll tell you the problem I’m having. blooming nuisance. thanks for help anyway.

      • Ah! “Kies” software! I know the one. It only works with wifi so I haven’t bothered with it, not having wifi at home. It’s probably easier with a cable – did you get a “data cable” with your phone? it connects the phone to the computer, no software needed. But ultimately a memory card is the easiest option,. Just make sure you set your phone to save your photos to the memory card not the phone memory. Otherwise you’ll have all the aggro of moving the pics onto the memory card before you can access them for download to computer 🙂 You can’t do it from the phone in my case so you still need the data cable to transfer them to the memory card…via the computer!!

  5. Mags Corner

    Hope you can get the pictures uploaded and post them, would love to see them. I bet Ruby look cute in her new fleece. Yeah, for Zak doing well off leash. There must me a lot of bunnies around there. Hugs for you and nose kisses for Ruby and Zak.

    • HI Mags I downloaded some software ‘Kies’ for my pics, it didn’t work so I went to the phone shop and I have to buy a memory card, but, they didn’t have any in store. GRRRRR, but you’ll see them soon promise.

      • Mags Corner

        Sorry they did not have a memory card and hope they get some in very soon.

    • Hwi Wolfie, had a couple of busy days, hence the delay, I managed to get a memory card but the instructions to download wasn.t very cleaŗr, but I think I’ve managed, i don’t quite understand your advice on how to save pics tobthe camera, but I expect I’ll work them out. So now I’ll have to upload what I have on here, oh I couldn’t connect the cabke to my laptop as the cable ports weren’t compatible, so had to do it to tabljjet.

  6. Have been on the Samsung website for my photos , and I’ve been advised I need some techie help sigh.

  7. Hi Pen, I’m still sitting here catching up, thanks for calling. I;ve dicovered a couple of comments on my posts I’d not replied to, as with the phone calls going back and forth between us re Zak, I made up my mind I’d have lazy afternoon just surfing etc. haven’t got round to seeking out the instructions yet, All I have done is take the fresh loaf out of the breadmaker,! I’ll swop you some slices for some casserole and dumplings 🙂 Bye xx

  8. Hope you find the slot/instructions Arlene, ‘cos I’d love to see the photo’s … Just waiting now for my casserole to do it’s last hour before adding t’dumplings. Ahh!! The lovely aroma is so teasing on the palate. Nope, no left overs for you!! 😉 Hugs aplenty for everyone, (down Zak!!) Just so good to hear he’s eating ok now. mwahh!! to you, Ruby Tuesday and Zak!! xPenx

    • Sorry missed this one, I’ll sort out the photos [I hope} I expect the casserole and dumplings have gone cold by now so I’ll pass, thanks all the same LOL

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