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Sign of cold weather

One of the signs of the approach of the colder weather is when I get the itch to have soup. It’s been nagging me for a few days, I raided the freezer to see if there was any, but no, all gone, so I thought to myself, accept it gal, the days of salad  are over, time to get the slow cooker out, visit the butcher and buy some nice smoked ham.

Did it to-day, picked up some carrot and a fresh pack of lentils and now the slow cooker is emitting the most delicious smell of lentil soup with carrot and coriander and a dash of mixed chilli and allspice. That’s tomorrows  and next day’s lunch sorted, then I’ll freeze the rest. Smells good.


  1. Mags Corner

    Nothing better than a good bowl of homemade hot soup on a cold day. Enjoy!!! Hugs

    • I sure ddid Mumsy, pity you couldn’t join me. 🙂

  2. Great idea Arlene I have been yearning for hot also. I have a Stilton recipe , but only do it when the cheese is on special offer. Your sounds lovely must share your recipe please. if poss… damp day here rain due in later this evening.
    Apple , carrot, courgettes onion or leek, garlic, and Stilton.
    Enjoy your delish soup sounds smashing and I can smell it from here.
    🙂 x

    • Hi Sheila, happy to share the recipe, very simple, I use a slow cooker, first a pack of SMOKED bacon pieces, cook till simmering and then an hour or so, add a good cup and half of lentils two- three peeled large carrots in chunks , coriander, pinch crushed chillies, chicken cube and a tin of chopped tomatoes, cook till carrot is soft, then puree it, salt to taste, voila, makes 8 portions.
      I would try yours, but not a Stilton lover. sorry.
      Weather not too bad to-day, apart from a sharp shower dry.
      I did enjoy my soup, tomorrow chicken casserole.

      • Thank you Arlene sounds lovely , I use my slow cooker at times . Last week I used it for a slow cook piece of Brisket , it was delsih. Enjoy your chicken casserole xx

  3. Sounds hevenly Arlene! I will be along shortly at the kitchen door! 🙂

    • Bring alonga friend LOL

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