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Monthly Archives: October, 2014

A little dabble in the garden

The weather has been ‘iffy’ lately as mentioned, well to-day we had a little window of dry weather, I had some dog towels to wash, so I got them out of the way and put them on the line to dry, that was a waste of time , there was no sun nor wind, and …

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Swallows an Swifts and things.

Out for a walk to the beach this morning with dogs, now that it’s free parking till March we all take advantage unless the weather is too evil. This morning was dull and a touch of keenness in the wind, however well wrapped up and time to spare we toddled off for just over an …

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Summer’s gone

And what a wonderful one it has been, I’m being greed here, but I’m going to say it…….It could have lasted longer ! summer is never too log for me, , sunshine and 25 deg at least from January to December is my motto. Just a bit of catch up, my daughter Arlene and I …

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