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A window of fine weather

As the title says a window of fine weather to-day, though a bit of damp in the air it was sunny.

A nice walk along the beach for starters, There was a fine mist shrouding the Isle of Wight making it look quite mysterious and lovely.

Washed the bedding but a waste of time putting it on the line as there isn’t enough heat in the sun and no wind, so it just hangs.

Spent a satisfying morning in the garden when I came back from dog walk, working happily clearing leaves till the rain came down , BLAH!, it didn’t last and I moved the pots with perennials round the back in shelter , cut down the dahlias and put them round the back also, this year I’m going to try putting them on their side so the pots won’t get waterlogged and cover them with some floss, I’ll try it with the geraniums too, as I have one special one I’d like to save.

The rambling rose I bought in spring has flowered WOW, it’s a crimson I hope next year it spreads over the fence., Had lunch and called it a day for working, tucked myself into my little craft shed and made a card, dogs out at 5 home for a shower and tea, watched SCD, and now thinking of bed, Altogether a good day.


  1. Hi Wolfie, talking of washing and the weather, my neighbour overr the back has had washing on the line for about a week now, I think she must have given up and is waiting for next summer to get it dried,
    Lucky you going to DD I so miss going to shows, and was looking through some old videos in the week with footage of me working at various shows with Jet, and I have Tango’s first ticket round at The South of England Showground in 2003, I wqas nearly in tears, I just loved these dogs and my Obedience with them, sigh, I think it’s a wonderful hobby to get involved in and like you, would like to see more dogs involved n it.

  2. You’re doing better than us Arlene! Your walk sounds lovely whereas here it has been non-stop rain and grey, cold skies! You also did better than Wolfie with the washing…I put mine out when it wasn’t raining and went into town…by the time I got back it was hammering down and all my nice clean washing was soaking wet and sodden! I wouldn’t even attempt to do anything resembling gardening either! It is rapidly turning into a mud-bath out there lol but how lovely that your rambling rose has flowered lending hope to this wintry cold šŸ™‚

    Last weekend was an improvement…went to “Discover Dogs” at Earls Court in London, Managed not to get a single photo lol but met some lovely dogs, wandered happily round numerous doggy stalls and watched the “Heelwork to Music” display. It was fun to watch every shape and size of dog taking part and it seems to be a good way for owners who would otherwise never get involved in dog training at all, to do so. But I would say fun though it is it can never replace the true obedience work that takes dogs to such a fantastic level of training. The K9 “dressage” of the dog world! Can’t beat REAL obedience dogs! Shouldn’t really say that but I’m sure you know what I’m trying (badly) to say šŸ™‚ Also met some fantastic Border Collies taking part in the agility displays, they were lovely, friendly and enthusiastic dogs. It wasn’t a dog show in the true sense, but an exhibition and displays of what sort of thing can be achieved with the typical family pet. A lot more than most people realised I think, so hopefully it encouraged them to take their dog to obedience training classes šŸ™‚
    Wolfie hugs šŸ™‚

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