Arlene and two adopted dogs.

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A lovely morning walk

Just some photos of to-day’s walk 9.30 am [Sunday I think]

Looking west towards Hengistbury Head with some water skiers


Zak caught in the act of having a wee
Zak coming to tell me to hurry
Looking East towards IOW



  1. Hi Wolfie, that was a cratfy shot eh! not deliberate I must add, Yes the weather was nice but as I mentioned above it didn’t last., and like you it makes Arlene not a nice person to be around. roll on summer, Thanks for calling and keep your spirits up, or down if you like to have a sip or two. Hee, hee. XX

  2. Watch a beautiful day clear blue skies and a lovely walk. Ruby and Zak by your side. It was good to hear that you are now the official owner of Zak. He is good hands , I know you have had him for awhile now.
    Never been to I of Wight , I hope to one day though.
    Take care and well done for taking good care of them both.
    Hugs Sheila x

    • Hi Sheila, yes, it was a nice day, but just a memory now, it’s been wall to wall rain and grey skies since, as I think you too are experiencing.
      I’ve had Zak since January this year, and I’d forgotten about the registration till I came across the paperwork Brian had given me,
      I’ve never been to IOW either and I too would like to go Mybe we’ll be there at the same time and say HI LOL take care you and dear Lucy XX

  3. Well Arlene! lol fancy catching Zak having a wee!! I bet he had a few barks to say about that bit of cheekiness! 😉 Love your photos, and how did you get to have such beautiful weather I howl jealously! You have some wonderful views around your way, it must be a wonderful place to live. At the moment it is cold, wet and horrible here and it is having a decidedly undesirable effect on the Wolfie temperament I can tell you! Hope you’re faring better in your spot in the world!
    Wolfie hugs to you all!

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