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To-day’s walk

Nothing spectacular, the day was very windy and my 114 lbs had a job to stay upright in the strong wind. I as usual didn’t have the camera, but TBH there wasn’t really a lot to photograph, except some waves, so I whipped out the camera phone and tried to catch the most dramatic, which of course \i missed, but here’s the failures for what they are. LOL

I think I put my thumb in front of the one with the sky, as well as the fact it looks a bit wonky, I hope you get the feeling of a windy day, By the way the Isle of Wight is in the distance.


  1. Ah thanks for that Wolfie, but they just wouldn’t load this time, yet last time I did an album they were OK, Oh well as long as you saw them and got some enjoyment, thanks for calling.

  2. Your pics aren’t failures! Dont be silly 😉 and i really enjoyed viewing them 🙂

  3. I went to the Isle of Wight on a holiday to the U.K many years ago, must do the trip agin one day… Thanks for sharing the photo’s…

    • Thank you Lady Jude and good morning from UK.
      I’ve just bee to check the pics as they aren’t showing in Blogger, and on here they took an age to load, if anyone else has probs let me know please.
      I’ve never gone over to the IOW despite living about 10 miles from the ferry. I’m not exactly adventurous am I?.

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