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Soldiering on in January

January must be the most loathed month in my calendar, running closely with February, I just hate the cold, and boy has it been cold so far, we’ve had everything thrown at us apart from snow [thankfully]  but it’s coming to an end and I just have get through February and think Spring is on it’s way, though it won’t be rushed.

I’m glad to say that my thrushes are still foraging in the garden, the blackies seem to have accepted them. BUT… I have noticed a dearth of other birds with the exception of my robins, who are a permanent feature, I saw one Chaffinch where I used to have several, very few tits, and no goldcrests, I think there will probably be a wren or two but as they stick very close to the shrubs they are almost invisible. I’m wondering because it is so cold and I am constantly feeding the birds they are taking possession and scaring the little ones away, . I must mention though I can’t get rid of the pigeons and a couple of ravens who scoff as much seed in one gulp that would keep the little ones going all day. I do shoosh them off.

Here is a card I’ve made to while away the time between painting crits. Love making these , they are called pop up cards I apologise if I have put up the calendar card in a previous blog but they too are fun to make. that’s it for now folks. look forward to the dozens of comments. LOLOLOLOLxx



  1. How lucky you are to have long tailed tits Sheila, I had some for a short time as I said, but I live in hope they may return. I have finished the painting, just to varnish it and will be on its way have a look, I could do more to it, but I’m calling a halt I can’t find how to put an image on thes comment, I DO NOT like WordPress it is too restrictive. I shall send to you private message or a post.

  2. Thanks to all the trees and bushes next door having been cut down and gone there are not the birds here now at all. I have been putting food out for those poor displaced creatures but it seems only the wood pigeons are eating it.

    • That is such a shame Anne, everytime I hear these big saws going and know that another tree will be felled, more homeless birds and the other creatures who inhabit the branches. What we are doing to the planet is beyond idiocy, It doesn’t belong to only us.
      But keep putting out food for birds, they will come.

  3. Hi Sheila thanks for reply, You are right at least when it gets to February, though still not spring, at least you feel that winter is receding, just a bit. I envy you the long tailed tits, I had some very briefly. The birds are chasing each other occasionally, and this morning I actually heard what could have been the beginnings of a dawn chorus.
    The painting is almost finished, but for a few tweeks I’ll let you see it by PM on FB
    Got a busy week this week I’m glad to say Mon till Thursday . Be good to yourself love to you and Lucy. xx

  4. Soon be February oh good, and a shorter month . I didn’t know you did pop up Cards that’s a tricky one me thinks. Tues was blinking cold here after five minutes outside Lucy and I shot in doors. I did notice on that day there were a lot more birds outside the feeders. Wow six Long Tailed Tits such a pretty little bird. Born here and have returned occasionally.
    I am not enjoying the very cold weather Arlene.
    Good work , wondering how your painting getting on ? or is the light not quite right yet.
    Have a good week. rain here tomorrow and Tuesday.
    Hugs Sheila

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