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On Birds, a dog and the weather

I am so pleased I have got , not one , but two song thrushes in my garden, and they are enjoying the bird seed, I haven’ t had a thrush for two/three years. The trouble is that the resident blackbirds, about four of them, keep shooshing them away from the food, but then they quarrel among themselves, I had at least two blackies nest in the garden last spring and I’m hoping that the thrushes will find a spot to nest.

Just lately the blackies have been tolerating them a bit more, maybe it’s because I put out more food, so I’ll carry on doing it.

I’ve just finished reading a super book I got from the library last week, it’s called  ”Judy” it is about a dog, and English pointer who was adopted by the crew of a cruiser which patrolled the Yangtze River just before the second world war, This dog went through the hell the sailors did, including being taken POW and working on the Death Railway with the hundreds of men, Her uncanny instinct of being able to sense danger and differentiate between friend and foe in the camp saved many lives, I couldn’t put the book down and cried and laughed with it. well worth the read.

The weather here has been pretty miserable with damp freezing fog covering most of the South Coast, They forecast better weather for the weekend, let’s hope so folks, Keep well


  1. Oh that’s great Arlene so glad the Thrush is back, have also two here yipeee.
    Sounds like a very interesting book, love dogs ! Sunshine here cold wind , but much better than gloomy or rain.
    Enjoy and good to read your posts Arlene xx

    • Thank you Sheila, , I am pleased to see that the blackies are still tolerating them, mind you , it’s costing me a small fortune on bird seed to keep them all happy.
      At last the horrible fog lifted to-day and the sun came out, 🙂 but still chilly, though I keep telling myself this is Britain not the Bahamas, ! keep well xx

  2. Mags Corner

    Nice that the thrushes are back and you can enjoy them. The book sounds very interesting, I figured there would be some tears as I read what you said it was about. Dogs are amazing aren’t they? We had sunshine and a lot of wind today, I enjoyed the sunshine but not the wind. Hugs

    • Hi Mags, thanks for replying, I do hope the thrushes nest I have lots of shrubs for them to chose from LOL
      The weather here is similar, to yours for now, but they forecast more frost tonight Brrrrr Keep well xx

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