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A day at the beach /video

I’m experimenting with uploading a video, so be patient with me if it doesn’t work, it’s my friend Sue with the dogs at the beach .about 18 months ago, not last January as in caption, as Ruby isn’t there and I had her last January 2011 At the beach January 2011

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The Substitute

Hi folks, i really love you guys, you make an old lady’s day happier, now then to the title, I didn’t get time to make the banana cake to-day, as I had a few chores to do, such as moving stuff around in the porch, I was convinced i had a mouse, so the cupboard …

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Just a little catch-up My kitchen is all but finished except for the curtains which are being made, but may be about 3-4 weeks yet, so I’ll leave the final photos till then, Ruby has got over her little op and has had no ill effects at all, and is now enjoying off lead running …

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