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Environment……..Who cares

Who cares? .. well I do, I get sick of hearing the pundits that talk about vanishing species when they do sweet noting about it, it’s all verbal garbage from their mouths. I’m not going into statistics here as I don’t have them at my fingertips, but you can find them in the relevant places.What …

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It’s not over yet.

Summer is what I’m talking about, we appear to be having a little Indian summer, love it. The past couple of days have been unseasonably warm and to-day also promises to be pleasantly warm and sunny. I am so glad as there always seems to be soup  much to do in the garden at this …

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Birds and things

Well Sue’s dogs have gone home and the house seems pretty quiet, Ruby has settled back into her sleeping about 20 hours a day, she is just so chilled, or maybe it’s her upbringing, methinks that’s nearer the truth. Well as she’s eleven I don’t mind, and she does get two walks a day and …

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