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Photo blunder

Hi, had a nice walk this morning, the weather is anything but ‘nice’ but if you keep moving it’s not too bad, it’s damp, grey and chilly in a damp way, so you have to keep moving, at least it’s not raining. I let Zak off the lead yesterday and he was just perfect, didn’t …

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To-days walk etc

Sue my friend came over to-day and we went for a nice walk along the beach with her three and my two, I don’t know if I mentioned that little Jasper, her Dad’s cairn who we used to take out with us, passed away on Christmas Eve, he was such a cute little character, I …

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The Substitute

Hi folks, i really love you guys, you make an old lady’s day happier, now then to the title, I didn’t get time to make the banana cake to-day, as I had a few chores to do, such as moving stuff around in the porch, I was convinced i had a mouse, so the cupboard …

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Flowers [again]

The roses are in full bloom so I couldn’t resist taking some photos. the yellow ones are from the garden and the Briar are from the fields, they were taken with the camera phone,  I didn’t intend taking photos so left the digi home, sigh, so the pictures aren’t great. There is also a pot …

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Ruby’s vet visit

My little Ruby goes in to be ‘de-sexed’ to-morrow, so please say a little prayer for her.  

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