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Slugs and snails and big dog’s tails.

Woke up this morning g to a dull dismal day, Looking out of the window saw it was raining ….hardOh well I thought, it will bed in the latest shrubs and Geraniums I planted in the last week.Lots of plants have been badly eaten with slugs, with one particular Chrysanthemum reduced to nothing more than …

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Didn’t it rain children…..

The weather girl said it would rain and the weather map showed rain but not until around 11 o’clock, so why was it raining at 7’am when I got up to beat it?? I was not happy, Anyhow, we got wrapped up back to the waterproofs and went out, we got wet, very wet, I …

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Wild Weather

Woke up yesterday morning early around 5.30 am, and heard this whooshing noise, I thought it was a plane a bit off course, as we are about 10 miles from Bournemouth airport, though it wasn’t really loud, it was noisy, it came closer and I was just wondering what on earth it could be then …

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Friday Faffles

Morning folks. I didn’t have a very good night last night, a vague tummy upset and jumbled up dreams woke me around 2 am. However the tummy ache came to nothing, I decided to read the current library book, The Rats. a rather scary chiller, though a bit far fetched, it’s about mutant black rats …

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The Weather

Hasn’t this been a fantastic summer? with temperatures averaging 28 degrees since early July, Some days have been so heart achingly beautiful, I have just lost myself in the sheer glory of warmth and sun. To-day , well, what a change, a drop of about 10 degrees with heavy burst of rain and gusts of …

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East or West

In Britain we are accused of being obsessed by the weather. and, yes, it’s probably true., but when you live on an island in the latitude that we do the weather is so diverse you just have to keep an eye on it to plan your life, |We can get three seasons in a day …

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Stormy weather

Posting this blog before I take the dogs out for their evening run. Please please, let it stay dry, It is already dull and overcast with a fair bit of wind, thoroughly miserable. There’s no use going out too early as it makes the evening too long and seemingly endless. This morning it started out …

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A morning in the rain

Well, just as we were  getting used to the lovely weather it has got to spoil it for us, doesn’t it? yesterday it was shorts and tee shirts and burning in the garden, to-day it was waterproofs, wellies and raincoats for the dogs. I went for a walk down the Bunny which leads down to …

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