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A boring couple of days

Been trying to get the garden into shape for summer, maybe one year I will be able to spend a summer in the garden without feeling guilty about sitting on my derriere, Every year there seems to be more and more to do, or maybe it’s because I’m getting older I’m just getting slower, ? …

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Me again

I don’t know how others manage to keep interesting blogs going continuously, I think of all sorts of things during the day that I’ll post, but when it comes to putting fingers to keyboard i get bloggers block, but I’ll try. The weather [always a good subject] was lovely last week, so I spent a …

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Enough for now

Hi Folks just putting up a couple of pics of the garden now that the bulk of the work is done. I’ve planted the bulbs and some plants, and saying that I remembered my neighbour gave me some poppies, and I forgot to plant them too, Oh well tomorrow is another day as they say …

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Birds and things

Well Sue’s dogs have gone home and the house seems pretty quiet, Ruby has settled back into her sleeping about 20 hours a day, she is just so chilled, or maybe it’s her upbringing, methinks that’s nearer the truth. Well as she’s eleven I don’t mind, and she does get two walks a day and …

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Thursday things.

Hi there , what a busy day I’ve had, had to fill the car with petrol, crikey I thought that the ticker had jammed!, I stopped it at £40 and it still had a bit to go, and I haven’t got a big car. oh well that should last me for about 4 weeks unless …

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To-day etcetera.

The weather has been so lovely I just had to spend time in the garden this week, I got quite a bit done even managed to plant my bulbs. For my birthday Karen gave me a planter in the shape and design of an old fashioned perambulator , It is lovely, I planted it with …

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