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The Life of Flowers

Tis is really beautiful, click on link and brighten up a dull day. Sound will enhance it Technorati Tags: flowers

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Fancy Dress.

    Here is the ghoulish photo of the witch, The night was not bad, not as well attended as we’d hoped, but we always make the most of our little ‘do’s’  The next official one is St Andrews day , but we have a celebration birthday lunch before then. Meet my friend I’m not …

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Thoughts on gardening

I’ve got about twenty minutes before I get ready to go out, so I thought I’d put up this quick blog post. Looking at the garden to-day I got to thinking about next year. One thing I’ve made up my mind about, is no more spur of the moment plants from the Garden Centre just …

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A few pics

Hi folks I hope I’ve caught up with and replied to most of your comments to my blogs, if I’ve missed anyone out, I apologise. I’ve not done anything jaw dropping lately, very hum drum. The weather has got  a bit milder but now the clouds are building up and the rain that has threatened …

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Just a few pics from my camera

Nothing to say so as a picture says a thousand words,  here’s a whole encyclopaedia   Sitting watching Piers Morgan interviewing Des O’Conner, Hard to think he’s 79, but \i think he’s had some Botox, as the only thing in his face that’s moving is his lips.       I don’t understand why Dandelions …

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I started out to make this a gardening blog in reply to Sheila’s post, but i am getting a bit worried, Let me explain, A girl friend suggested on Monday I come to her place for lunch/tea, I said yeah good, as she had another appointment at noon she’d call me as soon as she …

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