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Environment……..Who cares

Who cares? .. well I do, I get sick of hearing the pundits that talk about vanishing species when they do sweet noting about it, it’s all verbal garbage from their mouths. I’m not going into statistics here as I don’t have them at my fingertips, but you can find them in the relevant places.What …

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The Weather

Hasn’t this been a fantastic summer? with temperatures averaging 28 degrees since early July, Some days have been so heart achingly beautiful, I have just lost myself in the sheer glory of warmth and sun. To-day , well, what a change, a drop of about 10 degrees with heavy burst of rain and gusts of …

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Starting the day

Just a quick post to catch up and see how many of my friends are still around, We have all had breakfast and are ready to start the day, though the dogs have gone back into hibernation, Ruby especially would sleep the day away, Tango is still a bit more restless till he’s had his …

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