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Maybe I’m wrong……….but

I don’t want a Kindle, I love books, I’ve loved books since I was old enough to hold one and turn the pages,  I love the feel, the smell and the sheer look of a book.  I can’t settle down to sleep till I’ve read at least a couple of pages of my current one. Obviously at …

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Not a lot to say

As I have my daughter [Arlene]and martin hubby coming up tonight I thought I’d just do a very quick blog, as I’ve got some tidying up to do beforehand. so what’s new about that?? It’s a bright sunny day here after a really wet start, I was lucky to miss the rain as I went …

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Well it’s New Years Eve, and the weather is miserable and damp, ideal for staying home, which I am doing this evening, the days of going out ‘first footing’ for me are well and truly over. I will go to bed at around my usual time of 10.30 pm and hopefully sleep through, then waken …

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Reading matters

This little blog is about my library books. I love reading.   When I was a child my nose was always in a book, I loved fairy tales, and anything that was ‘other worldly’  As I got a bit older  The Arabian Nights captured my imagination, and gave me a fascination for the Far East that …

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