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This week so far

Had a couple of nice dog walks lately, the weather has taken a nice turn ad the rain has stopped. Wednesday I went to a walk at Stanpit, which is near the marshes, and a Nature reserve where you can watch the birds nesting, we get quiet a few summer visitors here,, You aren’t allowed …

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Simple Beauty

Just a short blog. Whilst out walking the dogs to-day I was compelled to stop and marvel at the carpet of Buttercups that seemed to appear overnight. It is a sight to gladden the heart and eye and always reminds me of a walk I had some years ago with Jet and Tango along the …

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To-day’s happenings

As I had posted earlier, i had a funeral to go to to-day. , Saying good-bye to an old friend, and on a lighter note, meeting up with others I hadn’t seen for some time. It was a nice service, as these things go. I got up 6.30 am as I wanted to take the …

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