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Starting the day

Just a quick post to catch up and see how many of my friends are still around, We have all had breakfast and are ready to start the day, though the dogs have gone back into hibernation, Ruby especially would sleep the day away, Tango is still a bit more restless till he’s had his …

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My daughter’s birthday

Remember I said that last week it was Arlene’s birthday and we went out for a meal last Thursday to celebrate, we had a nice evening and here are a few photos. Technorati Tags: birthday,family,daughters Surprise Happy Birthday! It’s good here and fun. G I’m at the back in the corner Darryl and Nicola Arlene’s …

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Hi all, many thanks for your good wishes for my birthday, I’ve had a lovely day, with some super presents, My friend Sue gave me some ‘Ghost’ perfume, I hadn’t smelt it before, and I must say it is very nice, I do love perfume. We went to a local restaurant and had a nice …

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