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Environmental questions

I think just about everyone is being affected by this seemingly un-natural weather.,,from the devastating fires in Australia in summer to the floods and strong winds in UK, also the typhoons in the Far East, Is it really man induced, or a natural cycle ?We know this planet have been through several climate changes through …

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Just a few photos

Hi I was clearing my computer desktop and realized I had a few photos I had left on there to blog about, , but they’re just photos with and not much else, but here they are anyhow.     This is two lazy dogs, what a lovely life eh?     The baby chaffinch looks a …

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Man’s inhumanity

Looking at the news to-night I’m saddened enraged and heartbroken at the sight of the fires all over the country in woods and heathland, The fact that many of these fires are started deliberately make me all the angrier. The sheer waste and ugliness that is left is an affront to the senses, but to …

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