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More stuff

Blogging again, my that’s three in a week, not bad for me, Now, what else have I been doing? Baking, it’s something I do when I have nothing else to do, because I’m bored, can’t get out and it warms the house up at the same time. I made a plain Victoria sponge the other …

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Satisfying Saturday

Well folks this won’t be a long post, [now where have I heard that before] as I will be getting ready to go and visit my grand-daughter Sarah and her partner Ross in their new home, this afternoon. Yesterday I had a baking session, I haven’t done that for a while, I took a fancy …

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Not a lot to say

As I have my daughter [Arlene]and martin hubby coming up tonight I thought I’d just do a very quick blog, as I’ve got some tidying up to do beforehand. so what’s new about that?? It’s a bright sunny day here after a really wet start, I was lucky to miss the rain as I went …

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Starting the day

Just a quick post to catch up and see how many of my friends are still around, We have all had breakfast and are ready to start the day, though the dogs have gone back into hibernation, Ruby especially would sleep the day away, Tango is still a bit more restless till he’s had his …

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Hi there folks, I’m back though I don’t know for how long, Not wishing to sound a moaner, but just to say I’ve had a lot of discomfort from this ‘frozen shoulder’ and not sleeping well, I went to the doctor and was prescribed painkillers, so I’ve been giving it a bit of a rest …

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Just a quickie

I made a banana loaf to-day, first time for a while, as the last time I made this particular one it fell in the middle what a disaster it was, the gulls enjoyed it though, it was the first time I’d baked in this oven so I have to get used to the temps. so …

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