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Nature’s bounty

This wonderful summer weather is just my cup of tea, it is so pleasant walking the dogs, Being elderly [me too] we can take our time and look at things around us, smell them in the case of the pooches, The riar roses have been quite spectacular this year, but they are all but gone, at almost the same time the Queen Anne LAce adorned the bottom of the hedgerows. The fields [whcih are now large football pitches] were patchworked edge to edge with Hawkbit, daisies, and clover, unfortunately cut down , but they are rising again, with the bees coming back for second helpings.

The blackberry bushes are starting to flower, and the hazelnuts are swelling.

It’s lovely picking cherries from the many cherry trees planted round the edges; all these things are doing well this year

Not too many butterflies as the horrible man who mows the lawns takes the cutter right to the edge and cuts away lots of their habitat, Not many swallows or martens either, though I did see some swifts the other evening. Last night what few swallows were ducking and diving quite low, a sign of thundery weather, Thunderbirds, they used to e called, and weren’t they spot on ! as we had one of the biggest storms for years.

Well that’s it for now folks. Comments gratefully accepted. LOL

Misery in the shower

Does anyone else have the problem I have in the shower, It is quite a small bathroom and the bath was correspondingly small,, so I decided to have a shower installed. I wanted to keep my bath, so it was fitted over it, The trouble is it’s quite narrow and the curtain will cling to me, no  matter how close I get to the wall it billows over and plasters its cold plastic to my wet body. It’s not nice. So I’m asking does anyone [if this is read] know of a curtain that will hang still, before I do a Janet Leigh [Psycho]

New blog

I have started a new blog if anyone is interested it’s called Cards 4 I have taken up card crafting , and thoroughly enjoy it, have a quick look if you please and maybe leave a comment, ?? Thanks


The School of Psychology, Harvard University, recently conducted a public survey called “What really do you see?”

People were asked to focus their attention on a very simple picture, and then asked if they had noticed anything odd.

Now, you have the chance to take part in this survey. 

Study the picture for 1 minute; then reveal what you see.

Inline                    image 1

Question : What do you see that is HORRENDOUS?

Scroll down for the answer : 











Answer : There’s a MOUSE on one of the doughnuts!

Results of the Survey : 

1. 100% of males failed this test. They were distracted by the bosom.

2. 100% of the females also failed this test. They were distracted by the wide choice of doughnuts.



A window of fine weather

As the title says a window of fine weather to-day, though a bit of damp in the air it was sunny.

A nice walk along the beach for starters, There was a fine mist shrouding the Isle of Wight making it look quite mysterious and lovely.

Washed the bedding but a waste of time putting it on the line as there isn’t enough heat in the sun and no wind, so it just hangs.

Spent a satisfying morning in the garden when I came back from dog walk, working happily clearing leaves till the rain came down , BLAH!, it didn’t last and I moved the pots with perennials round the back in shelter , cut down the dahlias and put them round the back also, this year I’m going to try putting them on their side so the pots won’t get waterlogged and cover them with some floss, I’ll try it with the geraniums too, as I have one special one I’d like to save.

The rambling rose I bought in spring has flowered WOW, it’s a crimson I hope next year it spreads over the fence., Had lunch and called it a day for working, tucked myself into my little craft shed and made a card, dogs out at 5 home for a shower and tea, watched SCD, and now thinking of bed, Altogether a good day.

Sign of cold weather

One of the signs of the approach of the colder weather is when I get the itch to have soup. It’s been nagging me for a few days, I raided the freezer to see if there was any, but no, all gone, so I thought to myself, accept it gal, the days of salad  are over, time to get the slow cooker out, visit the butcher and buy some nice smoked ham.

Did it to-day, picked up some carrot and a fresh pack of lentils and now the slow cooker is emitting the most delicious smell of lentil soup with carrot and coriander and a dash of mixed chilli and allspice. That’s tomorrows  and next day’s lunch sorted, then I’ll freeze the rest. Smells good.

A lovely morning walk

Just some photos of to-day’s walk 9.30 am [Sunday I think]

Looking west towards Hengistbury Head with some water skiers


Zak caught in the act of having a wee
Zak coming to tell me to hurry
Looking East towards IOW


The pain of posting

Is it any wonder that the Post Office is complaining about losing money, I had a friend’s birthday coming up and was a bit late in sending a card, two days before it. , so I decided to go out early to catch the first pick up, or so I thought, Now I normally just pop the card in a box and think no more of it. I saw the tie of pick up was 5.15 pm , so decided to drive the couple of miles further on to the sorting office. I gave the card to the clerk and he pointed out that the letter was a bit thick for a normal 2nd class stamp, He demo’d putting it through he slot thing and it was about 1mm too thick., he suggested if I put another stamp on it would cover the cost.,   I didn’t have my purse so couldn’t buy another stamp right then, on the way back home I stopped at the newsagent to buy a stamp, BUT…. they didn’t sell the singly only in books and I didn’t have enough small change in the car, this shop by the way used to be a post office ! The lady behind the counter was sympathetic to my predicament and bless her, gave me a stamp from her own purse and wouldn’t accept any payment, How kind is that. Hopefully my friend got ther card on time, her birthday was to-day but haven’t heard anything.

I cost me over £1 to send the card. I’d made it [my new hobby] and there were some flowers with a pearl in the middle and that was what raised up the height. .

I’m thinking of doing a new Blog to show off my cards. P1010421

A little dabble in the garden

The weather has been ‘iffy’ lately as mentioned, well to-day we had a little window of dry weather, I had some dog towels to wash, so I got them out of the way and put them on the line to dry, that was a waste of time , there was no sun nor wind, and they just hung there in the slightly chill atmosphere, oh well I put the heating on for an hour to help dry them.

I digress, this was about gardeing. I did manage to get a couple of hours just tidying up and pruning, cleared out some pots of spent flowers, I also harvested some seeds form Marigolds and Nigella, hopefully to sow next year..

The Cotoneaster has gone a bit wild and was sprouting in all directions, so I tidied that up, I also get besieged with St John’s wort, that got pulled out of chopped off, but it’ll come back. My sage bush ‘Hot Lips’ has exploded and flowered for the wecond time, I’m not sure when to prune it, I’ll have to look that up’

I noticed that my beautiful Azelea was looking a bit dry and brown, and sure as apples when I bent a branch it snapped, I think I’ve lost it, maybe I let it get too dry during the drought, what a shame as they’re not cheap and it was a lovely orange and copper.

I stopped at 3.30 for tea and cake and the dog’s to have their biccies, intending to go back out as there is still a good bit to do, but I’m afraid I went to check my email and before I knew it it was time to take the dogs out, oh well hopefully the weather will be kind to me soon. that’s it for now.

Swallows an Swifts and things.

Out for a walk to the beach this morning with dogs, now that it’s free parking till March we all take advantage unless the weather is too evil. This morning was dull and a touch of keenness in the wind, however well wrapped up and time to spare we toddled off for just over an hour.

I thought the Swallows and Martens had gone for the summer,, but no there were lots skimming along the beach picking off insects then soaring up into the sky, they were still feeding young as you could see them touch beaks as they flew past. They are so illusive, one minute there’s not one in sight then, zip, one goes soaring past and when you look up there’s several more, then they just seem to disappear up into the pine trees. I just love them. Swifts are my favourite, that beautiful scimitar economical shape, just built for the job, unfortunately they’ve been very sparse down here on the coast. I saw a few in the summer over by the airport, but as I was driving and you can’t stop, I couldn’t get the full appreciation.

There were lots of crows on the beach, making the most of the debris washed up on shore with the high tide and rough weather. Amazing survivors.  I was making for home just as there was a spit in the air, No gardening to-day either sigh.

Oh well that’s it for now