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On Birds, a dog and the weather

I am so pleased I have got , not one , but two song thrushes in my garden, and they are enjoying the bird seed, I haven’ t had a thrush for two/three years. The trouble is that the resident blackbirds, about four of them, keep shooshing them away from the food, but then they quarrel among themselves, I had at least two blackies nest in the garden last spring and I’m hoping that the thrushes will find a spot to nest.

Just lately the blackies have been tolerating them a bit more, maybe it’s because I put out more food, so I’ll carry on doing it.

I’ve just finished reading a super book I got from the library last week, it’s called  ”Judy” it is about a dog, and English pointer who was adopted by the crew of a cruiser which patrolled the Yangtze River just before the second world war, This dog went through the hell the sailors did, including being taken POW and working on the Death Railway with the hundreds of men, Her uncanny instinct of being able to sense danger and differentiate between friend and foe in the camp saved many lives, I couldn’t put the book down and cried and laughed with it. well worth the read.

The weather here has been pretty miserable with damp freezing fog covering most of the South Coast, They forecast better weather for the weekend, let’s hope so folks, Keep well


Back again for another bit of chatter, Well the hot topic is the inauguration of Donald Trump as the President of the US. I really don’t know what to think, one part of me says, well he’s a successful business man, so he can’t be that dumb, but another part thinks……that I think it’s a bit scary having someone who generates so much controversy is more or less in charge of the world’s safety.mmmm time will tell I suppose. But how pathetic for him to complain that the crowd for him wasn’t as big as for Obama. SIze seems to be an issue with him ..nuff said.

Next thing , The weather,[now what would we Brits talk about if there was no change] BT… it has been very cold with temps below freezing most nights and not much above daytime. though it has been sunny, and I must admit I have got my washing I should stop complaining, but my fingers get so called with any outside activity.

Talking about outside activity, I’m dying to get out and do some gardening! yes, it would do me the power of good, I did plant some Anemone bulbs/corms? that a friend had given me for Christmas, it must have taken me all of ten minutes to find the nearest half empty tub, poke a few holes and drop the bulbs? in. I’m sure they’ll be OK.

I’ve been busy making some late Christmas gifts for some friends, as I’ve mentioned I make cards – well we made a calendar at Craft group and I liked it so much I bought some little calendars for 6p each and made some more, I’m giving them out on Monday at my dance class, I’m sure they’ll like them here’s a couple or three, Ha ha show off.calendar-6 calendar-5calendar-7

I made ten, that kept me busy.

Well folks I’m tired so I think I’ll turn in, had the leccy blanket on for twenty minutes, so the bed will be cosy and welcoming, got to wake the dogs and get them out , biscuit and bed, catch you later. thanks for reading. x


I’m back…

Well as it’s miserable dreary winter i’ve been spending a bit more time trawling the ‘net and decided to maybe give blogging another go … again..

My dogs are getting on a bit now, both are coming up to fifteen, a good age for a collie, and for any dog.

Zac’s back legs give way a bit more often now, he takes everything at such a charge then wonders why he topples over. LOL , Ruby …well I’ve felt that lately she’s just not herself, can’t put a finger on it, but she sometimes just stands in front of me and looks like she’s trying to say something. I knelt down by her the other night and felt a lump on her left side, my heart turned over, but I’m trying to stay positive about it.

The weather has been pretty cold for a few days now with sub zero temperatures, , don’t know what’s worse, this or the damp drizzle of the previous week, I hate the cold though, my fingers hurt so much, and though I cuss a bit having to take the dogs out, it’s a blessing or I wouldn’t be getting enough exercise.

Had a bit of sad news the other day, and old dog friend has passed away, I didn’t know he was ill, but when his wife phoned and told me all about it, it was just one of these things that start off innocently enough and escalated. , she will be lost without him, I’ve known them for over forty years and it will be strange just to say her name, let’s call her Betty, without adding his, they were quite a devoted couple.

Well I’m calling a halt, as I’ll ramble on all night, but that’s me,  all or nothing, hope to get a couple of comments and keeeeep blogging folks.

My Hobby [now]

First may I wish anyone who is reading this A very Happy Healthy 2017.

The weather, since the shortest day has passed,  quite wintry, but as the saying goes,the days get longer, the cold gets stronger, Certainly true in this country.

As I have mentioned before I used to work with my dogs in Competition Obedience, almost fifty years of regular training and travelling up and down the country judging and competing, and I loved it. I did my last judging just over four years ago just before I lost Tango, plus travelling was getting to be a chore. I also stopped work too, so have quite a bit of time on my hands, I did quite a bit of painting, dog commissions mostly but landscapes and anything else that took my fancy. I started doing small paintings of flowers and started making them into cards for birthdays etc, gradually I discovered a whole new world of card crafting, after a chance meeting with a lady in a craft shop. since then I find it takes most of my time , plus a bit of money 🙂

It is a very absorbing hobby and I can spend many hours tucked in my little room fiddling around with paper. ! My dogs are very good and are quite happy sleeping the time away , and as they are getting on a bit [ both almost 15]  I don’t feel too guilty . |I shall post up some of my stuff from time to time. I have posted it but it’s gone to the top of the blog instead of the bottom. . Oh well i’ll sort it out one day, I don’t find WP as easy as Blogger .

Is anybody there ?

Well I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t, I’m afraid it’s been some time since I’ve posted, . but I have a half hour or so to spare and ho hum here I am.

I think the last I posted was about springtime, so there’s a few months to catch up on.

We had as you’ll now quite a heatwave late- ish summer, it was lovely, but it’s all gone now and the days are decidedly chilly with a few frosty mornings.

Zak’s breathing ahs been much better with the colder weather, but he’s had a couple of little health blips, but with some medication he appears to be Ok, bless him he is fourteen and a half now so it’s normal. Love this guy to bits.

Ruby hasn’t altered, she just goes on pretty much the same though a bit slower at times, , facially she still looks young as she hasn’t greyed, dear little soul and I’m so fond of her too.

One of my grand daughters got married in August, the weather was beautiful just perfect for the outside reception, and she made a lovely bride. Their little boy was 1 year old, my daughter, her mum had a birthday  and I reached my 79th the same week, so quite a few celebrations.

My only grandson gets married in March to Jade, that will be another do to look forward to.

The family is growing yearly, getting to be quite a little tribe. love them all

Well it’ll soon be Christmas and then the sorting out about who is going where for meals, that’s the downside of bigger ad older families, gone are the days when we were all together Christmas and Boxing day.

Oh well I think that’s about it for now, see you probably next year, Have a happy one xxxfamily


Summer is a cumin’ in [I think]

It really must have arrived at last…………….summer, that is, or at least hot spring, hard to believe that a couple of weeks ago we had snow, Mother Nature really does like to toy with us.

Anyhow to get back to my comment that IT has arrived,, The temperature reached 24 deg to-day, wonderful. First ,  I saw my first swallow yesterday, winging it’s way over the cliff top from across the Channel, WOW lovely, now |I know it won’t have been the first one coming over , but the first I saw, and that lifted my spirits.

Secondly,   I changed the duvets over, took off the winter one washed it and put it away till later in the year.

Third… got out the summer duvet and put it on the line to air.

Fourth, … I actually went out with the dogs without a coat on

Sixth…. I’ve been really busy in the garden planting out Geraniums, Petunias, Fuschias, Tickseed and stocks. I feel good.

Seventh.. , moved my Lilies and dahlias from their cosy home round the back and under cover to the front garden for display.

Eighth … and I think finally, had to water the garden almost all over, the first for some time.

So,,, to cap it all, I think summer is a cumin’ in. ENJOY !

At the library

I went to the library to-day to change my books, I’ll tell you later what books I got, but first……..I wonder how long the craze for e-books will last ? I give it five years at the outside, if in fact people haven’t fallen out of love with them already, or so I hear, Nothing, in my mind beats a proper book, be it paper back or hard-bound, especially at the end of the day you get into bed plump up the pillows behind your head, pick up your book, remove the bookmark and settle into the pages of your latest tale. what can possibly be cosy about a lump of plastic in your hand. ?? but then that is only my opinion.
To get back to what I have chosen…. I shan’t bore you with what I took back as I can choose six books but only read one, , now that would be costly on a Kindle. … I digress….”RAW” by Marni Mullholland, a true story about a young girl who was groomed , and prostituted by her social worker, ”BREAKING THE SILENCE” by Dianne Chamberlain, the intro… ”my husband shot himself in our bedroom, the little girl was standing at the bottom of the stairs screaming and hasn’t uttered a word since’….. a book in the style of Jodi Piccult, who has written some real gritty family stuff…..”CHILDREN OF THE WAR YEARS” a documentary of the children who grew up 1939 – 1945, as I did. so it should be a bit of a memory lane experience. Finally ”NEW YORK” by Edward Rutherford, a huge tome of a tale, I read his best seller SARUM twice, my all time favourite book. If NEW YORK is half as good I’ll be well pleased.
Well that’s it for now folks, two blogs in one week. phew. Enjoy

A lovely co-incidence

I was waiting in the chemist for a prescription the other day, the assistant came out and asked me my name …Arlene Phillips, I said, a young woman and what looked like her mother, were in front of me , she turned round and said ”are you Arlene Phillips the artist? ” I looked at her and tentatively said ” well I paint’…” I’ve got some of your paintings”  she said, I asked where she got them , thinking charity shops, ”At the Art centre exhibition” I asked were they flowers in small frames, ”that’s right actually I have six” ! I remember I put them up at the first exhibition I showed at and they went next day. The girls mum said they both loved them and were so pleased to have met with me ,, the ‘artist’ Well not half as pleased as I was, to have met a complete stranger who liked my paintings enough to buy them , I went on home beaming sunshine.

Sunny September

What a lovely start to September, Season of mellow mists and fruitfulness, Although a bit chillier in the mornings the days have progressed into warm, sunny delights, and when walking the dogs though starting out with coat buttoned up, it soon comes off and carried. When it is like this September to me is probably the most beautiful month, I love the sun and warmth, but sometimes in July or August it can be too hot to do anything in the least energetic. This gives one a chance to get the garden into shape ready for winter shutdown, chopping off heads and pulling up roots, and preparing space for the spring bulbs. The birds are moulting and getting their winter duvet plumage on, the trials of parenthood are over and they can enjoy a brief spell of ”me time” before having to think of fattening up for the cold weather.

The lawn is fast getting covered on leaves from the Lime tree The large fennel has sprouted it;s seeds and attracted dozens of hover flies. Roses are disappearing but the Japanese Anemones are in full glory.

Oh well I think I’ve chatted long enough, so must go out and tend to this garden while the sun is shining. Thanks for dropping by.

Summer’s Day

Summer day

It’s such a lovely day I felt I ought to share it in a blog.

L’l Libby the Chihuahua, has gone home this morning, I’d like to think she had a nice holiday

My gran-daughter Lisa brought her collie Pepsi over  as she and hubby are going for a holiday, she is such shy little girl and no trouble.

This morning we all went for a walk  over the fields and li’l Libs just loves frolicking in the grass, as she lives in a flat most of the time.

After we came back I started pruning some shrubs , but have come indoors for lunch, I’m sitting here just having finished a tasty salad and a slice of iced lemon sponge. MMMMMMm. The windows and French doors are wide open with a gentle breeze blowing through, The dogs  are settled down for a nice nap, and I’m listening to Classic FM with the lovely summery music put on by Alan Titchmarsh, what could be better. J

After I’ve sufficiently recovered from lunch I will go back into the garden and do some more pruning,., Everything has just take off, and if I don’t get some control  of it, it will swamp me.

I bought an Acer a few years back, which I was under the impression it was a dwarf, HUH some bet, it grew and grew, so last year I decided to cut it down, but it has sprouted out all over so I’m hacking that back, also some  Invercallia shrubs that are galloping upward , I have a large Lime tree and as  I can’t grow flowers under it,  I have to resort to shrubs. Still the birds like them.

I had a nice surprise the other week, I saw some bright pink poking it’s head above the holly bush and wondered what it could be, when I looked I discovered it was a rose……… one I had thought I’d murdered last year or so had regenerated, there must have been a little bit of life in the underground root, I was so pleased as it was a rose that was here when I cam 26 years ago, Zepherine Douhaine, an old type shrub rose. Tough old bird obviously.

Well that’s it, I’ve almost finished my cuppa. Catch you again.