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The pain of posting

Is it any wonder that the Post Office is complaining about losing money, I had a friend’s birthday coming up and was a bit late in sending a card, two days before it. , so I decided to go out early to catch the first pick up, or so I thought, Now I normally just …

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Phone problems

I had the opportunity to ditch my old ad very basic mobile phone for something a bit more up to date, so I paid my £25 for a £50 phone and changed it, I wanted to keep my old number as I’d had it a few years, well that was a marathon job, I’d also …

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What, no messages !?

I came home the other day and as usual checked my answer- phone, it was flashing, so I pressed the ‘play’ button, again, and again, it just wouldn’t connect, I tapped and thumped and jiggled it from one side to the other, but no joy it just would not give up my message, How dare …

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