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And another dog

Well I actually manged to sort out how to get into my wordpress, but one of my sites I’ve screwed up , I find WP is much more complicated than Blogger, makes me feel a bit of an idiot, and I thought I was reasonably tech savvy, HUH the vanity of the girl.
Sorry I digress from the title of this post.
Since the loss of my two wonderful friends Zak and Ruby I spent around a year dogless, then my daughter said ”Mum if you want another dog, get one and we’ve agreed we will take care of it should it be necessary, but make it a small one. OK so I went on various rehoming sites , had home visits etc, got plenty of offers or pointers in the direction of collies, but, no I said, I’m too old to give a collie what a collie needs.
Then a friend mailed me and showed me a picture of a dear little dog that I thought was a yorkie, but is an Australian Silky. his lady owner was bedridden and unfortunately nearing the end of her life and her son was trying to find a home for him.
So my daughter and I toddled off to see this little chap, and guess what ?? yup, we came home with him.
His name is Bertie, he settled in quite quickly but a lot longer to get his eating habits to be properly established, , but with a bit of trial and error and perseverance he now eats like a starving stray. GOOD !
He really is a super little dog, very well behaves and never strays far from me. His only fault , is he’s not a good traveller and is a bit vocal in the car. Oh well one can’t have everything.

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  1. Lovely post Arlene Australian Silky , see what you looks very much like a Yorkie . It’s wonderful that you have a friend .
    Good Luck sure you two will be happy together.

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