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A little taste of Summer

Well we had a little taste of summer until yesterday, temperatures in the 20’s, lovely, got lots done in the garden, but today, not so nice, overcast and a bit chillier, more typical mid spring weather, Hopefully it will change again.

I put my car in to the garage today to have the central locking checked, sometimes it worked,  sometimes it didn’t. One of the mechanics gave me a lift back home , of which I’n grateful as I didn’t really want to wander round Christchurch for maybe four hours.

I could get a bus, but as I haven’t used one for over forty years I’d be worried about where it would take me. LOL, I’ll have to sort it out as one day it will become a necessity.

So here I am back home making myself useful., I changed the duvet from the winter to summer tog, fingers crossed but I’ve laid a throw on the bed , just in case. I’ve changed to my light and airy summer curtains, love that, it is so much fresher looking.

I am sitting here listening to some old compilation tapes I’ve made through the years, love them, it has just played, The Lark Ascending by Vaughn Williams  surely one of the most evocative and beautiful pieces of music  composed. , next came on Fields of Barley , now playing Ring of Bright Water, , one of my favourites, and one I am having played at my funeral as it reminds me of my dogs, especially my lovely Tarc, who loved the water.

 I don’t make compilations any more as there is never [IMO] enough good music around to bother, so I guard my precious hoard, must have almost 100 from the 70’s on,  almost all bring back memories.

Thinking what to have for lunch now, maybe a bacon and egg sandwich, yeah, sounds good, though it’s a bit early for lunch only 11.30 so I’ll have to think of something useful to do till then.

That’s it for now folks.


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  1. Thank you Wolfie, for your like, I’m surprised you’re still around watching and waiting, I only blog now when I want to offload some thoughts, too long for Facebook, and don’t expect to get any feedback at all, so your interest is very welcome.

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