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Looking after Pepsi

I had my grand daughter and husband’s [Jon and Lisa] dog last week while they went on a holiday. She is a sweet ten year old collie, and was a wedding present from Jon to Lisa.

As it’s been five months since I lost my two dogs,, it was another change of lifestyle, albeit a familiar one. Taking a dog for a walk twice daily, preparing their food and bedding down, all very familiar, even to allowing her to come up on the sofa in the evening for company and cuddles. Lovely.

The weather wasn’t too brilliant at the beginning of the week and it brought back to me the hassle of wet dog, towels and clothing! That I do not miss.  But it was nice to have a furry body to stroke and cuddle, also to be greeted with a waggy tail, even something to be waiting outside outside the bathroom door when you’ve been having a shower.

Going for a walk in familiar places was enjoyable when the weather cleared up.

I met several people whom I used to see with my others, and they of course thought I’d got another dog, no, I said only on loan.

Well now she has gone home and the house is a bit lonely once more, but no doubt I’ll get used to it again, it has confirmed that I will not have another dog, I’ve kind of got used to the selfishness of only having to look after ME. and I quite like it. It doesn’t mean for one minute I grudged my dogs what I gave them [they gave me so much more] but unless it was my own dogs and the chance to live the past all over, I am content to live the memories. I am having my daughter’s two dogs next month, and I’ll have Pepsi any time it’s necessary., but it is nice just to go where and when I want.


  1. Start a dog sitting business Arlene! Extra spending money as well as furry friends to cuddle with!

    • Hi Wolfie, you’re still around then, 🙂 As I said to Sheila, if anything turns up I may well fall in with it, but TBH I’ve got a bit selfish the past few months and don’t really want to give up my new found freedom too easily LOL but we’ll see. keep well my friend.

      • Yes still around Arlene-just! Been very busy but trying to get back into blogging land proper. I totally understand about your new found freedom! My mum said the same after she lost her dog. She didn’t choose to have another but has many happy memories and like you enjoys other people’s without the responsibilities! I don’t think it’s at all selfish and more people would do well to consider this point- the fact that they’re wonderful but also a huge responsibility and an inevitable kerb on freedom. Too many people don’t take that into consideration then end up abandoning their pets. Enjoy your freedom alongside your happy memories 😀 Now it’s time for me to take responsibility for the washing machine…I changed the wash setting half way through and I think I’ve broken it!! So much easier with dogs lol 🤣 Wolfie hugs.

  2. Oh Arlene I think this is a wonderful idea, and fun to. At least you still enjoy the company of dogs’ As you say the memory of your dogs will always be in your heart.
    Wishing you well. Hugs Sheila x

    • Thank you Sheila, but it’s not my own dogs , and that is what is missing, If anything materializes I’ll fall in with it, but not really wanting to make commitments.

  3. It’s nice to be a doggy Auntie. I feel as you do about not having the tie of pets but does not mean I don’t desperately want another. It’s a hard choice between feeling selfish for not offering a home to one and the comfort they give, or, that freedom of not having to consider another being in your plans.

    • Thanks for your visit and comment Anne, I just wanted to put it on record I’d had her. I expect it will happen again and as you say being a dog Auntie has it’s good points. I doubt if we’ll ever get over the miss of having our own x

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