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Grief never really goes away, you think it has – you hope it has, till unexpectedly she creeps out from where it has been hiding, Maybe behind your facade of a smiley face, or an overly busy schedule. But she’s always there.

Maybe Grief too  has feelings, sometimes she just has to get away from you – and nurse herself back to healing, and then she will be able to help you., so let grief hide for a while, and do not feel guilty, Enjoy a normal life .She will return . , then she will work a bit more of her magic , till eventually you can look her in the eye and smile.

Grief is doing her work, let her go her own way,  but she will always be there, watching, waiting to catch you unawares, though the timespan will get longer, She never really goes away.

©Arlene Phillips

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  1. So very true Arlene , good to see you here. I know what you mean other things do take over my blogging also. xx

  2. Quite agree Wolfie, I can still experience sadness for things that occurred many years ago, just creeps out 😢

  3. This is very true Arlene…I am thankful though we have loving memories to hold on to. Hugs

    • Lovely to see you Mags and thank you for your comment, I don’t blog often now as other things seem to take over
      I must visit you have a lovely weekend xx

      • I don’t blog as much as I would like either. Nice to hear from you. Hugs

  4. Grief is only ever a heartbeat away. It walks beside us like an unseen shadow in the sun.

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