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Don’t go back

Having two rather elderly dogs,  Ruby and Zac,  my dog walks are now rather limited, in time and distance., I can’t say I’m 100% sorry as at my age, though fairly fit, I’m happy for now to be home indoors especially in wet and cold weather.

But I’ve come to be aware that there are many places I can’t visit  any more as I would worry about access to safety and getting them back to my car should either take ill ., it was brought home to me as a couple of weeks ago Zac just laid down half way through  a walk, and I had a job  getting him on his feet and back to the car.  I reckon he was just tired.

Both are almost fifteen and slowing up. Zac has arthritis plus his back legs are weakening, and Ruby is simply lagging behind and shows reluctance to jump out of the car.

As I named this post ‘ Don’t go back’,  let me explain… Over fifty years of owning dogs and obviously having walked many miles and visited many places, some of which are very dear to me and all holding precious memories,  I have dozens of photographs and videos of the dogs from way back enjoying themselves, I can recall many of them as though it was yesterday. Come Kerry, Numa, Tarc, Whisper, Jet, Tango,  Chippie, Ruby and Zac.

But…. I can never go back to these places, as I know that I’d call their names and  expect them to come racing back along the path or from behind a tree to come to me, and I know that will never happen again. , a heart can only break so many times.

I will now just live for the two I have for however long it takes, and I think appreciate them all the more.

When you have your dogs right now , you simply live in the moment and don’t give much thought to the fact that one day they will no longer be a part of your life, I know I did.


  1. Sometimes it’s better to keep the memories of happier times intact and focus on discovering new, previously unvisited places where intriguing fresh new memories many arise without the pain of the ghosts of the past to haunt the heart and soul 🤔

    • Hi Wolfie, sorry to be so long in replying, but I seldom visit my sites and I think any comments tend to be overlooked. anyhow I think you are right to a degree, but there aren’t many or indeed , any new places for me to visit, as I’ve always been a bit of a nomad, I think I’ve exhausted every place within ten miles for dog walking. , it’s now a ten minute jaunt round the corner. thanks for replying and hope you are well.

      • No problem Arlene, it’s always good to read your posts when you feel so inclined 🙂

  2. I find it hard to go some places too but I do go. For example the beach that I often visit holds so many memories not only that I took all my dogs there over the years but my mum and dad courted there and generations of my family used to go there. Although it’s considered locally as a bit of a dump and shabby it does not matter to me. I still go because all those gone before me loved that place and I feel they would be happy that I still go there. I would be happy to think that when I am long gone that my gkids will one day be taking a stroll there with their own dogs and family. It’s hard to go there and usually brings a tear to my eye as I picture them all but in a way it’s a nice comforting feeling as well.
    I suppose what I’m trying to say in a nutshell is don’t stop going somewhere that holds happy days, their souls are there waiting to walk and play alongside you.
    Mind you, I still cry and get choked up every time we have a Chinese takeaway and they put the prawn crackers in it. I physically cannot even touch them let alone eat them because my rottie Mo used to love them so much. I’ve tried but I get too overwhelmed.

    • I understand what you’re saying Anne, and it does take guts to do what you do, apart from the nostalgia of the places I went, some are a bit too isolated and I’d feel a bit vulnerable, I will still go to the beach as it’s busier though I dread meeting people who knew the dogs and get the inevitable ”Where’s Zac or where’s Ruby” but I’ll get over it. I think it’s lovely that you have a ‘family’ place and I’m sure when you take the g/children it will be lovely for them to hear their story, but I can’t do that with dogs. I think it’s because I’m not having any more, when Zac and Ruby go, that will be very much the end of an era for me, and I know it will never be repeated. Zac is still mentally very active but his back legs are weakening, Ruby is just slowing up , but 9 dogs is a lovely store of memories and I consider myself very blessed to have had them. thanks for visiting. I smiled [just a little] about the prawn crackers.

      • Bought to mind when my dad broke his ankle so I took the dog for walks on his usual route along the beach. So many people came over, bent down, said to the dog “hello Sam, where’s your daddy?”. Very few knew dads name but they all knew Sam!

      • Few who knows Zac and Ruby would know my name either. LOL

  3. Thank you for your reply Sheila, it’s been on my mind to put it into words for some time when I realised that many places I was so used to visiting are now ”off limits” for me, and it saddens me as I had some lovely walks and memories to go with them. Some I wouldn’t go on my own without a dog, as I would feel a bit vulnerable, though I live in a fairly safe vicinity, but it’s not the same anyhow. I’ll get over it. sometime. xx

  4. I enjoyed your post Arlene you have made many dogs happy I am sure. Precious days now as you say , can’t believe your Zac and Ruby are both 15 years old.
    Lucy is 8 or 9 not quite sure on a rescue dog. Lots of energy and love for life.
    Have a great day stay dry and warm.

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