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A change in the weather

Today has been about the nicest day this year, sunny, still a chill in the air, but bearable, I got washing on the line and even managed some gardening, a good start as it all comes in a rush when the weather changes for the better. , though we have been warned it will get very cold near the end of the week.

Winter would be OK if it wasn’t for the weather.

Sorry but we Brits seem t be obsessed by it, , probably because there’s so much of it. LOL

I have a few snowdrops blooming, not much but they try and give me a show every year. I have some Hellebore [Christmas Roses] I thought I’d lost them , but I see they have shot up through their protective covering, and have a couple of buds. pleased about that.

I saw two long tailed tits in my garden to-day, the first for a couple of years, lovely, such dainty little birds, they were feeding on the fat balls, so I must remember to keep them replenished.

It’s getting close to my grandson’s wedding, i must get out and look for an outfit.

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby.

Went to our dance club last night, and my friend pointed out I had some smears of yellow on my face, she thought I’d been painting, but I realized it was traces of the Turmeric I’d been cooking up for Zac to help his arthritis, my nails are stained sulphur yellow with it too.

I think I’ve rambled on long enough, gotta save something for next time, Have a good week folks.


  1. Turmric? You mean you had your warpaint on Arlene?!! 😉 Our bird table seems to be full of ravens and wood pigeons! There is a lovely pair of robins and several blue tits – short tailed variety lol but it’s funny to see the ravens figuring out how to get at the fat balls – I can see why they’re being sold in boxes of 50 lol never seen birds descend on food as fast as they do those, and they’re gone in no time! Wonder if you’ve found that outfit for the wedding yet?….fun looking for it 🙂

  2. I Hi Sheila thanks for visiting I think Zac is benefitting from the Turmeric hope so. I had a couple of thrushes last week but haven’t seen so much of them lately, but the weather has turned so cold.

  3. Hi Arlene firstly I cook quite a lot with Turmeric , so good for you hope it helps Zac.
    Lots of little bunches of Snowdrops , I am always a pleasure to see them , glad they have made their way to your garden. Today well since Tuesday has been bright and sunny, don’t you just love it. Makes you feel so much better, and the scope to get outside to do a little gardening.
    Have you sighted a Thrush Arlene, you said something about it other day.
    Enjoy the cold sunny days so much better than the wet windy one’s ha!
    Hugs to you three from us three.
    Sheila x

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