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Well Hello there

Just wondering just who is out there, never mind i’ll still ramble on. The weather has turned a bit colder though dryer , don’t know which is worse, hat the cold but that damp drippy weather was beginning to do my head in, Constantly having towels down for the dogs wet feet and trying to dry their wet coats after a walk was beginning to feel like a penance, probably was as I was a bu**er when I was younger.

Poor old Zac is struggling a bit again, his breathing is a bit laboured and he’s toppling sideways a bit oftener. but he soldiers on. Ruby just goes on in her own quiet inoffensive way.

Was at my older daughter for lunch today, a lovely fish pie and then bread and butter pud, for tea, we had toasted tea cake and home made sponge, just the ticket.

Went to pictures yesterday afternoon to see La La Land , yes it was a bit lalaland, after a boring and pointless start it got going quite well and the ending was a surprise, really don’t see how it got so many awards, but each to his own.

I’ve just been watching Countryfile on TV, it was showing the murmurations of  starlings, writing their symphony across the sky, absolutely pure magic, beats  man made films any day.

I didn’t sleep too well last night and it’s catching up with me now, yawning my head off and it’s only 7.30pm. oh well,  I’ll close now as  Call the Midwife is on shortly, Have a good week.  and thanks for reading. [I wish]



  1. I’m reading Arlene! Granted it’s a bit late and I’ve missed several of your posts but hope to come back to them when I’ve made a half baked attempt to catch up with at least one of everybody’s! Sorry not to have been around but been living, sleeping and dreaming the K9 nutrition study for college for the past month! Every single frustrating day!! I posted a thank you to all who participated, so I won’t go on here but feel free to go along and collect my appreciation! 😉

    The cold wet weather is driving me bats! Zip on my warmest jacket broke too yesterday (£26 for fitting replacement zip!!!!!) and had to walk to work with it wide open and freezing this morning. Drying wet dogs is even worse! They get so dirty with it! Hope Zac will be okay, he does very well 🙂 It’s years since I went to the pictures. Used to love it but it’s got so expensive now and can’t find anyone to go with. The ticket office guys think I’m weird if I go on my own and it really put me off, though I see nothing wrong if I want to go!

    Hope you’re well and holding up in this wintry weather….soon be spring! 🙂

  2. Hi Arlene the weather today is awful cold wet and windy. Managed to pop down to the garden centre , bought Lettuce seeds etc. Dog towels yak! know what you mean.
    Glad you enjoyed the Film not going to see it though, showing in Tavistock . Too wet and the road is not one of favourites., about 20 miles away.
    I am really enjoying The Midwife glad to see Trixie back.
    Hope Zac fare’s well Arlene poor sweet boy.
    Hugs to you three hope it gets drier.
    Sheila x

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