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Back again for another bit of chatter, Well the hot topic is the inauguration of Donald Trump as the President of the US. I really don’t know what to think, one part of me says, well he’s a successful business man, so he can’t be that dumb, but another part thinks……that I think it’s a bit scary having someone who generates so much controversy is more or less in charge of the world’s safety.mmmm time will tell I suppose. But how pathetic for him to complain that the crowd for him wasn’t as big as for Obama. SIze seems to be an issue with him ..nuff said.

Next thing , The weather,[now what would we Brits talk about if there was no change] BT… it has been very cold with temps below freezing most nights and not much above daytime. though it has been sunny, and I must admit I have got my washing I should stop complaining, but my fingers get so called with any outside activity.

Talking about outside activity, I’m dying to get out and do some gardening! yes, it would do me the power of good, I did plant some Anemone bulbs/corms? that a friend had given me for Christmas, it must have taken me all of ten minutes to find the nearest half empty tub, poke a few holes and drop the bulbs? in. I’m sure they’ll be OK.

I’ve been busy making some late Christmas gifts for some friends, as I’ve mentioned I make cards – well we made a calendar at Craft group and I liked it so much I bought some little calendars for 6p each and made some more, I’m giving them out on Monday at my dance class, I’m sure they’ll like them here’s a couple or three, Ha ha show off.calendar-6 calendar-5calendar-7

I made ten, that kept me busy.

Well folks I’m tired so I think I’ll turn in, had the leccy blanket on for twenty minutes, so the bed will be cosy and welcoming, got to wake the dogs and get them out , biscuit and bed, catch you later. thanks for reading. x



  1. What can I say about Trump mm time will tell.
    The gifts look amazing Arlene you are clever.
    Gardening oh yes me to , everything looks sad at the moment.
    Have a good week.
    Sheila xx

  2. Mags Corner

    Hi, Arlene. I don’t know what you mean about having to apply again to gain access to my blog. I am sorry it gave you issues. I did not have to approve you again and your comment showed right up. I had a difficult time finding which of your blogs you are now blogging on, but finally found this one and am now following it. The Christmas gifts you made look very nice. I hope when you get out to do gardening you will share pictures of your plants. Hugs, Mags

    • Hi MAgs, nice to hear from you again and thanks for reply, I think I’d got myself in a bit of a mess with my blog, and not having been doing anything with it for so long I couldn’t get myself in, so getting and receiving comments was just a emss. I found Blogger easier, but i’ve got that in a mess too, LOL so I’ll stick to this. I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t deliver the Christmas calendars tonight as planned, but it is very foggy and icy here, we had to reluctantly cancel our dance class. 😦
      Gardening weather can’t come soon enough, and I’ll keep you posted. bye for now. x

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