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I’m back…

Well as it’s miserable dreary winter i’ve been spending a bit more time trawling the ‘net and decided to maybe give blogging another go … again..

My dogs are getting on a bit now, both are coming up to fifteen, a good age for a collie, and for any dog.

Zac’s back legs give way a bit more often now, he takes everything at such a charge then wonders why he topples over. LOL , Ruby …well I’ve felt that lately she’s just not herself, can’t put a finger on it, but she sometimes just stands in front of me and looks like she’s trying to say something. I knelt down by her the other night and felt a lump on her left side, my heart turned over, but I’m trying to stay positive about it.

The weather has been pretty cold for a few days now with sub zero temperatures, , don’t know what’s worse, this or the damp drizzle of the previous week, I hate the cold though, my fingers hurt so much, and though I cuss a bit having to take the dogs out, it’s a blessing or I wouldn’t be getting enough exercise.

Had a bit of sad news the other day, and old dog friend has passed away, I didn’t know he was ill, but when his wife phoned and told me all about it, it was just one of these things that start off innocently enough and escalated. , she will be lost without him, I’ve known them for over forty years and it will be strange just to say her name, let’s call her Betty, without adding his, they were quite a devoted couple.

Well I’m calling a halt, as I’ll ramble on all night, but that’s me,  all or nothing, hope to get a couple of comments and keeeeep blogging folks.


  1. Hi Arlene good to see you here. I can not believe it 15 years old, it seems only a while ago when you brought Ruby home, That is indeed a very good age for a dog, and what a great life they are having with you. Sometimes it’s the only thing to get us outside on these cold days have to say.
    So sorry to hear of your friend’s loss such a sad time for all. It takes you back and knocks the wind out of your sails.
    Well sunny here and 2c , so Lucy will be getting a few ball throwing runs, she is 8 years old now . See more posts I hope, I must do the same really . Time fly’s by .
    Hugs to You Zak and Ruby.

  2. The ‘like’ is for you blogging, not for the doggy duo showing their age or for the loss of a friend.
    I find that I visit WP more often because the app on my iPad is so simple to use. I daresay there is one for Blogger too but I can only visit as a guest to my own site there because I have forgotten my log in details for it. Mind you, they are all written down in a book that is in a draw in the room I am sitting in but I never think to get it out before I settle nice and cosy in my armchair for the evening. Talk about lazy! Even now I can’t be bothered to go get it while it’s on my mind!

    • Hi Sheila, thanks for your comments, sorry too have taken so long to answer, but I was trying on my tablet and it’s not quite so up to scratch and keeps asking for my password in almost everything but FB, I get a bit Grrrr about it so leave it.
      It was a bit of a shock to hear of Terry’s death, I still see him, larger than life and alway a smile on his face, so hard to believe he’s gone.
      Must catch upp with more posts. Bye for now xx and hugs to Lucy, growing up fast. ,time should stand still for dogs, wouldn’t you agree.

    • Hi Anne, Thank you also for posting a reply to my post, I know what you mean about the ‘like’ button I sometimes feel reluctant to press it when I only want to acknowledge that I have read their post, but I think most people understand. , hope we carry on blogging even if it’s only every couple of weeks, some of the stuff on FB is really just time wasting, and I really must curb it. I think I’ll see what I can blog about, so many ideas, but the mind goes blank when I come to write them down.

      • I find that all my news is said on FB and I’m only repeating it to the same people when I blog.

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