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My Hobby [now]

First may I wish anyone who is reading this A very Happy Healthy 2017.

The weather, since the shortest day has passed,  quite wintry, but as the saying goes,the days get longer, the cold gets stronger, Certainly true in this country.

As I have mentioned before I used to work with my dogs in Competition Obedience, almost fifty years of regular training and travelling up and down the country judging and competing, and I loved it. I did my last judging just over four years ago just before I lost Tango, plus travelling was getting to be a chore. I also stopped work too, so have quite a bit of time on my hands, I did quite a bit of painting, dog commissions mostly but landscapes and anything else that took my fancy. I started doing small paintings of flowers and started making them into cards for birthdays etc, gradually I discovered a whole new world of card crafting, after a chance meeting with a lady in a craft shop. since then I find it takes most of my time , plus a bit of money 🙂

It is a very absorbing hobby and I can spend many hours tucked in my little room fiddling around with paper. ! My dogs are very good and are quite happy sleeping the time away , and as they are getting on a bit [ both almost 15]  I don’t feel too guilty . |I shall post up some of my stuff from time to time. I have posted it but it’s gone to the top of the blog instead of the bottom. . Oh well i’ll sort it out one day, I don’t find WP as easy as Blogger .


  1. Oh how lovely Arlene , the box cards are really different l. Although Nature one at the top have got to be my favourite. My Niece makes one for me every Birthday and I treasure them all. Well done what a lovely way to spend a dull drizzly Winter ‘s day.

    • Thank you for visiting Sheila and for your compliments. Though to-day I’ve had to make myself start a painting of a friend’s dog, so the cards are on hold, thanks again Sheila xx

      • How is the painting going Arlene , you must show us the end result. Take care and enjoy xx

      • Arlene Philips

        Hi Sheila had a break as had the family up for dinner so yesterday was pretty much spent in prep, and to-day just eating. phew. I hope to start back on the painting tomorrow, ,It’s good to have a break as I can go back to it with a fresh eye. i’ll put up the painting ……later. LOL

      • Good Arlene doing something you are good at and enjoy. Look forward to seeing it. x

  2. Your cards are lovely. Card making can be so varied in techniques and styles so each can stretch your talents in a way that will really please the recipient. Although card making is not top of my list of all the hobbies I try it is one that I find nicest to do with the grandchildren because they feel that sense of achievement when they give the cards they have made and I believe that is encouraging for them to have a hobby other than getting the highest score on a computer game.

    • Thank you Anne I really do get lost in doing them thankfully as I do spend quite a bit of time on my own. I think it;s a smashing way for children to keep busy and as you say the sense of pleasure when giving something they’ve made themselves is a much better way of spending time than on computers and stuff, for a while anyhow. . Thanks for dropping by and hope to see you blogging again soon xx

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