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Is anybody there ?

Well I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t, I’m afraid it’s been some time since I’ve posted, . but I have a half hour or so to spare and ho hum here I am.

I think the last I posted was about springtime, so there’s a few months to catch up on.

We had as you’ll now quite a heatwave late- ish summer, it was lovely, but it’s all gone now and the days are decidedly chilly with a few frosty mornings.

Zak’s breathing ahs been much better with the colder weather, but he’s had a couple of little health blips, but with some medication he appears to be Ok, bless him he is fourteen and a half now so it’s normal. Love this guy to bits.

Ruby hasn’t altered, she just goes on pretty much the same though a bit slower at times, , facially she still looks young as she hasn’t greyed, dear little soul and I’m so fond of her too.

One of my grand daughters got married in August, the weather was beautiful just perfect for the outside reception, and she made a lovely bride. Their little boy was 1 year old, my daughter, her mum had a birthday  and I reached my 79th the same week, so quite a few celebrations.

My only grandson gets married in March to Jade, that will be another do to look forward to.

The family is growing yearly, getting to be quite a little tribe. love them all

Well it’ll soon be Christmas and then the sorting out about who is going where for meals, that’s the downside of bigger ad older families, gone are the days when we were all together Christmas and Boxing day.

Oh well I think that’s about it for now, see you probably next year, Have a happy one xxxfamily



  1. Europa's Icewolf

    I’m still here! It’s taken me days to get anything to post here though for some reason…this is my 4th attempt and my comment has shrunk accordingly! It flatly refuses to post so better luck now I’m on my computer rather than the phone. Lovely photo!

    I also need to beg your assistance after Christmas if that’s possible – I have a special study to do for my Canine Pyschology course and I need to find lots of people with dogs to help me gather some info I need for it 🙂 Re Canine Nutrition – which as I’m sure you’re well aware can have a huge impact on dog behaviour. Would it be okay if I was to contact you about it after Christmas? It’s just a few questions for a survey basically. Hopeful thanks in advance! Happy last week before Christmas, and it’s great to see you’re still around here 😀

    • Thanks for your comment Wolfie, and of course you can contact me, and if you like I can put you in touch with a good friend of mine who has taken this course and I’m sure she’d be able to help you more than I

  2. Hello Arlene what a wonderful summer that was I enjoyed it and made most of each warm and sunny day. The Wedding looks wonderful to bet it was a smashing day . Christmas well my family are North and South of the country. Sister in Surrey son in Surrey and brother in Sunderland. No plans as yet. Hope to see you here in the New Year .
    Hugs Sheila xx Love to Zak and Ruby xx

    • Hi Sheila, I don’t mind winter if it wasn’t for the weather, today was real murky and heavy with dew, but at least it wasn’t as cold, which does pull me down. I am sorry your family are so far apart, I really hope you manage to catch up with them, One of my daughters talked some time ago about emigrating to NZ ……..I was mortified, fortunately it didn’t happen, I’d be lost without them all , hugs back to you from us xx

  3. Lovely post Arlene. We all really should get back into blogging. I find it makes for a good diary and for me a memory jogger.

    • Thank you Anne and I agree with you, it’s a bit more personal and I often think of things to post then I forget them but I’m going to make an effort, xx

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