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Summer is a cumin’ in [I think]

It really must have arrived at last…………….summer, that is, or at least hot spring, hard to believe that a couple of weeks ago we had snow, Mother Nature really does like to toy with us.

Anyhow to get back to my comment that IT has arrived,, The temperature reached 24 deg to-day, wonderful. First ,  I saw my first swallow yesterday, winging it’s way over the cliff top from across the Channel, WOW lovely, now |I know it won’t have been the first one coming over , but the first I saw, and that lifted my spirits.

Secondly,   I changed the duvets over, took off the winter one washed it and put it away till later in the year.

Third… got out the summer duvet and put it on the line to air.

Fourth, … I actually went out with the dogs without a coat on

Sixth…. I’ve been really busy in the garden planting out Geraniums, Petunias, Fuschias, Tickseed and stocks. I feel good.

Seventh.. , moved my Lilies and dahlias from their cosy home round the back and under cover to the front garden for display.

Eighth … and I think finally, had to water the garden almost all over, the first for some time.

So,,, to cap it all, I think summer is a cumin’ in. ENJOY !


  1. Happy summertime Arlene! You have been very busy☺ It was 25 degrees here today though the rains’s arrived now. Talking of duvet covers it was a duvet on duvet off duvet on….Al night last night and a grand total of 4 sweaty hours kip lol😉 Having recently moved house I’ve had to buy new duvet covers because the old ones look terrible with the new decor/colour scheme. Still not happy with my choices so several more will be off to the charity shop and a new hunt for satisfactory ones is about to begin!! I have a garden at the new place – it’s lovely and there’s grass! There’s also a bird table…Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of cats and a fox -surprised to see that running along the top of the fence too last night! But I’m thinking bird feeding materials for the table…there’s lots of then singing in the trees 😀 Also thinking plant flowers…maybe try grow veggies even! And if I ever get the time maybe try baking!!! This house has a working oven … All in all I might have to pad by yours and get some tips on these summer plans lol we can discuss it over some of your homes baked bread and a cuddle with the dogs 😀 xx

    • Hi Wolfie, I’m sorry to be so late replying, but TBH I didn’t see you’d commented, I tend to forget about my blogs once I’ve published them, such a pity as i used to enjoy them when it was Windows Live writer, now FB has taken over. However, lovely to hear you have moved, AND have a garden with birds ! i do hope the cats leave them alone. do let’s know how you get on with the planting and definitely if you start making cakes and I’ll be hot footing over to taste and try. I love my garden especially in summer, when most of the work is done and i can sit back and enjoy it. well it’s 2 am and I think i might just try to get some sleep, Lovely to hear from you, take care and happy digging. xx

  2. Hi Sheila , thank to you too for dropping by, Tickseed is a perrenial of various colours daisy like flower and mostly yellow, a good all rounder in the garden with a slender stem and around 10 – 12″ high, proper name is Coreopsis.
    Not many bees right now except for a few bumbles, but generally quite a few. There are so many bungalows around here that not a lot of places for swallows to nest. ;-( Thouroughly enjoyed to-day but tomorrow ………rain is forecast ;-(. Take care Arlene xx

  3. Hot summer day here too. After a morning at the beach cooking breakfast in the ‘soon to be’ campervan I went to daughters for a barbeque. Rigged up a watering system for my hanging baskets out the front so a flick of a switch and they water themselves, its brilliant. Am pondering plans to set up more such systems in greenhouse and borders.

    • Wow Anne, you sure are one genius girl, perhaps you should patent that idea it sounds brilliant. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, I too was at my daughter to-day with the rest of the family, no BBQ but a lovely tuck in picnic in the garden.

  4. Hi Arlene good to see a post from you , it’s getting the time this time of year. I see plenty to do in your garden, I recognise most of your plants but not the Tickseed ? Colour , Bees are there many where you are , seen a few here on the Dandylions and some of my flowering pots. The Swallow’s yes 4 here so far it is a joy to see them. Brave little and clever little critters. They come back to the same nesting place year after year.

    Enjoy the warmer temperature’s sure is good when it warm up.
    Hugs Sheila

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