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At the library

I went to the library to-day to change my books, I’ll tell you later what books I got, but first……..I wonder how long the craze for e-books will last ? I give it five years at the outside, if in fact people haven’t fallen out of love with them already, or so I hear, Nothing, in my mind beats a proper book, be it paper back or hard-bound, especially at the end of the day you get into bed plump up the pillows behind your head, pick up your book, remove the bookmark and settle into the pages of your latest tale. what can possibly be cosy about a lump of plastic in your hand. ?? but then that is only my opinion.
To get back to what I have chosen…. I shan’t bore you with what I took back as I can choose six books but only read one, , now that would be costly on a Kindle. … I digress….”RAW” by Marni Mullholland, a true story about a young girl who was groomed , and prostituted by her social worker, ”BREAKING THE SILENCE” by Dianne Chamberlain, the intro… ”my husband shot himself in our bedroom, the little girl was standing at the bottom of the stairs screaming and hasn’t uttered a word since’….. a book in the style of Jodi Piccult, who has written some real gritty family stuff…..”CHILDREN OF THE WAR YEARS” a documentary of the children who grew up 1939 – 1945, as I did. so it should be a bit of a memory lane experience. Finally ”NEW YORK” by Edward Rutherford, a huge tome of a tale, I read his best seller SARUM twice, my all time favourite book. If NEW YORK is half as good I’ll be well pleased.
Well that’s it for now folks, two blogs in one week. phew. Enjoy


  1. I totally know where you’re coming from with this one Arlene. But despite that I love my Kindle Fire HD tablet and I miss reading on it when I haven’t got it with me…it’s different to physical books admittedly, but it develops itself differently in your mind and hand, and really isn’t so different to reading a WordPress blog post on a computer or tablet screen! It also has the advantage of not ending up minus it’s cover and with half the book detached from itself lol from carrying it around in a rucksack and hauling it in and out till the binding splits from too much use whilst reading it enthusiastically!! (This happened recently lol) I still use the library though…for the computers…and to update my tablet…and use it on free wifi…I mean to grab books to read!!! No… I do actually….finally got started on my animal care courses, alongside studying Canine Psychology and Dog Behaviour (hopefully to degree level eventually) and also a Dog Training Diploma πŸ™‚ And a whole bunch more short ones! The prices are heavily discounted and the opportunities are awesome πŸ™‚ Far too many to keep up with really but far too good to turn down! Point being that at least some of them require book study to supplement them and proper references provided…which means hunting through each individual book to find the required info…I have learned a lot about the books as a result and it’s all very interesting. So I think there is room for both physical and electronic books if done properly πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful Christmas Arlene and it’s great to see you here! xx

    • Hi There Wolfie. lovely to know that you are always lurking in the wings when I post a blog, you are like your namesake , so faithful. I understand what you’re saying about the Kindle, having never tried one I expect I was being a bit close minded and I can see they have their use in certain circumstances. Good for you sticking at your dog psychology courses I wish you well with them, when you get your degree you can come and pass on some knowledge to me. My brain is getting rusty since I stopped competing and judging. LOL
      You too have a super Christmas, and wishing you good health and happiness. take care xx

  2. Yes I do enjoy a good book Arlene. I really wouldn’t buy a Kindle ..much prefer going to the Library. Of a few have indeed shut down, the one here in my local town are still considering it. But alas I have plenty to get on with.. Glen Ford reading at the moment and it is very good reading. Yes I am with you on this one.. Enjoy Arlene.

    Hugs to Zak and Ruby x

    • I think they are losing their appeal, die hard readers seem to have stuck by their guns,, though I must be honest and admit to having never tried a kindle, I couldn’t see the sense in paying for books when you can get them free I think it’s a shame that so many libraries are closing, I expect ”progress’ has a lot to do with it.
      I don’t think I’ve read Glen Ford, though I have read many of the old film actors biographies, very interesting some of the, hugs to you and Lucy. x

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