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A lovely co-incidence

I was waiting in the chemist for a prescription the other day, the assistant came out and asked me my name …Arlene Phillips, I said, a young woman and what looked like her mother, were in front of me , she turned round and said ”are you Arlene Phillips the artist? ” I looked at her and tentatively said ” well I paint’…” I’ve got some of your paintings”  she said, I asked where she got them , thinking charity shops, ”At the Art centre exhibition” I asked were they flowers in small frames, ”that’s right actually I have six” ! I remember I put them up at the first exhibition I showed at and they went next day. The girls mum said they both loved them and were so pleased to have met with me ,, the ‘artist’ Well not half as pleased as I was, to have met a complete stranger who liked my paintings enough to buy them , I went on home beaming sunshine.


  1. Oh congratulations Arlene! What a lovely surprise and in such unexpected circumstances! Must have been a great feeling, and well deserved too 🙂 xx

  2. Oh that is just wonderful Arlene , I can see your beaming face and huge grin as you strolled off. Good to see a post here and hope to see more.
    My gorgeous Wile-e sits pristene above my Sofa .

    • Yes Sheila it was a lovely feeling, It’s made me feel I want to go back to painting as I’ve not done so for some time. I am so pleased you display Wile-es painting, and thank you for replying. xx

      • I am sure you will Arlene , hope so as I will be asking you to paint my little Lady or Lucy next year.xx

  3. Fame becomes you! How nice to be recognised and know your work is appreciated. You must be chuffed.

    • Even although it will be a total one off Anne it made my day ! Thanks for replying. x

    • I would be honoured to paint her Sheila. thank you

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