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Sunny September

What a lovely start to September, Season of mellow mists and fruitfulness, Although a bit chillier in the mornings the days have progressed into warm, sunny delights, and when walking the dogs though starting out with coat buttoned up, it soon comes off and carried. When it is like this September to me is probably the most beautiful month, I love the sun and warmth, but sometimes in July or August it can be too hot to do anything in the least energetic. This gives one a chance to get the garden into shape ready for winter shutdown, chopping off heads and pulling up roots, and preparing space for the spring bulbs. The birds are moulting and getting their winter duvet plumage on, the trials of parenthood are over and they can enjoy a brief spell of ”me time” before having to think of fattening up for the cold weather.

The lawn is fast getting covered on leaves from the Lime tree The large fennel has sprouted it;s seeds and attracted dozens of hover flies. Roses are disappearing but the Japanese Anemones are in full glory.

Oh well I think I’ve chatted long enough, so must go out and tend to this garden while the sun is shining. Thanks for dropping by.


  1. I like the sunsets this time of the year, they seem more intense.

    • Usually a sign of a nice day following, so a double bonus. thanks for dropping by Anne.

  2. Thank you very much Wolfie, I’m sure that i’ve had an extra one this year, I’m getting old quicker than I expected to. LOL hugs and big lick from us all. xx

  3. Lovely post I can feel your enjoyment and lovely sight you are seeing.Watching the Dragon fl’s yesterday , I forget they are still around this time of year. I agree with you I enjoy that summer warmth, and wish it could stay just a little longer.
    We have to enjoy these days now while we can.
    Sheila and Lucy

    • Thank you Sheila, you are so lucky having that beautiful pond in your garden, I was lucky enough to photograph a beautiful Hawker dragonfly last year, but despite taking the camera out on dog walks , no joy. We are apparently having thsi lovely weather till at least Friday, good giving e tie to get the garden ship shape before winter, hugs to you and Lucy xx

  4. What a lovely post Arlene! You summed uo all that is so beautiful about an early September day and I totally share your feelings about this time of year. I was also born in this month so it has an extra appeal lol but I love the misty mornings and the time of fruitfulness that thrills the spirit and reminds us of the beauty of nature and the joy of the changing seasons. I’m looking forward to the richness of the trees as their leaves start to change in the coming weeks! Wolfie hugs ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Wolfie, thanks for your kind comment and reply, I don’t really expect any on my blog now, but just like to put down the odd rambling thought, sort of like a diary, it is lovely seeing the leaves change colour and as long as it stays dry feeling them being scuffed underfoot. have a lovely birthday when it comes, mine was last month. hugs from Ruby Zak and me xx

      • Happy Birthday for last month Arlene! Hope it was a great one ๐Ÿ™‚ Wolfie hugs back to you, Ruby and Zak! xx

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