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Nature’s bounty

This wonderful summer weather is just my cup of tea, it is so pleasant walking the dogs, Being elderly [me too] we can take our time and look at things around us, smell them in the case of the pooches, The riar roses have been quite spectacular this year, but they are all but gone, at almost the same time the Queen Anne LAce adorned the bottom of the hedgerows. The fields [whcih are now large football pitches] were patchworked edge to edge with Hawkbit, daisies, and clover, unfortunately cut down , but they are rising again, with the bees coming back for second helpings.

The blackberry bushes are starting to flower, and the hazelnuts are swelling.

It’s lovely picking cherries from the many cherry trees planted round the edges; all these things are doing well this year

Not too many butterflies as the horrible man who mows the lawns takes the cutter right to the edge and cuts away lots of their habitat, Not many swallows or martens either, though I did see some swifts the other evening. Last night what few swallows were ducking and diving quite low, a sign of thundery weather, Thunderbirds, they used to e called, and weren’t they spot on ! as we had one of the biggest storms for years.

Well that’s it for now folks. Comments gratefully accepted. LOL


  1. Hi Arlene so good to your post again. Today 10th July saw a few Butterflies and a few bees . Swallows a few sitting high in the wire , there used to be so many 10 years ago.
    Ah the ducks have eaten my gooseberries, I am not quick enough Ha!
    Enjoy the lovely weather hugs

    • Certainly am enjoying the weather Sheila apart from another miserable bout of hay fever, with itchy eyes. I laughed about your ducks eating gooseberries, bet they’ve got sore bellies. Serve them right. LOL

  2. Hi Wolfie, how kind of you to leave a comment, I don’t expect any anymore as I don’t usually blog now, just airing my thoughts really, Fancy thinking damsel flies were butterflies. LOL You will have to get some nature books. No I haven’t got a tan, I just don’t still white as a lily. I hope you are well and get your computer sorted just in case I post again, you nevver know your luck.

  3. Lovely to see you Arlene! Thought of you in this lovely sunny weather but have locked myself out of blogger and haven’t been able to access it for months to visit you! I can view it but not get in. We’ve been surrounded by ducklings of late! So cute 🙂 Went down by the river with a friend recently and thought we were admiring beautiful blue butterflies till I checked online and discovered they were in fact Banded Damsel flies 🙂 Beautiful creatures resembling dragonflies but electric blue with four wings. Sadly only live for 2 weeks though. I should think you have a brilliant sun tan with all that dog walking in the sun!

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